What are the most common spare parts for an FP3+

Hello FP3+ users! Wondering if anyone has had to update any parts and if there is a common spare part to have on hand? I’m thinking the battery maybe the first item to replace. Thoughts?

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I wouldn’t stockpile spare parts just in case, but one thing might be relevant for you: The FP3 and FP3+ can still basically function without any of the four small modules (top, camera, bottom and speaker module), but of course, yes, it cannot without the battery. :wink:

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Thank you! To clarify, I live in Canada so I don’t have the luxury to ship parts as needed. I was thinking of buying an extra battery (or any other part) since I doubt I’ll be back in Europe anytime soon.


You are probably right about the battery, it’s the most degradable part of the phone which means both that you might need to replace it first, but also that just storing it will come with some minor degrading as well.

Good you mentioned your country, I think it might be helpful for you to say hello here as well:

Maybe they’ll even ask you to be their importer of spare parts, too :smiley:


I think if keep the spare battery around 60% when stored and use it once a month between 20 an 90% it may help it last quite a while. Fairphone should have info on what’s best to store a battery for some years.

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1.4 - Storing charge levels

If you store a device for a prolonged period of time, charge your battery between 50% and 80% and keep it at room temperature (see 1.2: avoid extreme temperatures).

A fully discharged battery could fall into an over-discharged state, which will severely diminish its capacity of holding a charge.
Also storing a battery fully charged for a prolonged period of time can lead to shorter battery life.

If you store your battery/device over six months, make sure to charge it between 50% and 80% every six months.
If you store your battery/device for a long time, it may require up to 20 minutes of charging before you can use it, or even more - depending on the charger.



This is so helpful! Thank you so much!

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