What apps come pre-installed on FP4?

What apps come pre-installed in the FP4?

I tried looking for this and people are suggesting the standard android apps come pre-installed. I don’t know what these include. I currently have a Galaxy S5 so nowhere near up to date and hacked off with stuff I don’t want/use clogging up my storage/RAM/etc. I know I can follow online guides for breaking in and force deleting them but I am not particularly good at tech.

android AOSP with original google apps. Like if you install openGAPPS stock (Stock Package · opengapps/opengapps Wiki · GitHub) little bit less or more of them…

Only camera and Fairphone app are aditionally and proprietary


Hi and welcome to the forum

You do not need to root the phone and ‘force’ delete.

You can connect to a PC using ADB and remove apps you don’t want, often done to remove some fluff and google stuff.

As FairphoneHulk as said there is very little fluff on the default OS and even removing that and afew more via ADB won’t give you much space.

Space is usually used by media (music. videos, photos etc.) You can use can use an SD card formatted as Portable to store such.

I have an FP3 that uses 17GB of the 64GB of internal memory after a year ~ it will be much the same after another year.


Thanks FairphoneHulk. My computer won’t load that link at the moment but I had a search and I think I get the gist. Sounds good to me.

Using an alternate resources as mentioned will not get rid of any pre-installed apps. If you want google free options then it would make sense to remove the google~android ones before installing alternatives, hence the option to use ADB

Here’s a link on how I removed some unwanted default google apps

Developer Options

FP3 and FP4: Settings > About Phone > tap build number 10 times
Settings > System > (Advanced) > Developer Options > ON

Hi, thanks for the info. I will have a look. Still want FP4 but need to get money together.

My phone only has 16GB internal and I have a maximum allowed 16GB SD. It’s more that the phone is slow and force stopping and disabling apps doesn’t always work, they keep waking up. Need to reduce unwanted app background stuff and notifications from apps I have turned off notifications for telling me that I need to turn on notifications in order to receive notifications. Samsung’s overbearing at the best of times but when your phone is 6+ years old they’re just plain obstructive.

With the lowest FP4 having 128GB and if you use an SD card for media you may be fine for another decade :slight_smile:

If bought at orange in france it comes with a bunch of orange app you have to remove.
There is only one that is not removable (and i find it pretty anoying) but … It is what it is.


I’m happy with my FP4 and i search to finish the personal setup and before create new topic; I found it and I have same finality for me with security questions.

Previously, I’m on /e/ with my old death phone.

  • remove all pre-installed apps
  • root with magisk
  • use termux on rooted mode and play on system (oh yes, test, search…)
  • battery managed (ACC) via Magisk

I don’t use ecosystem /e/ because I have deploy my personal ecosystem (nextcloud/mail server/dns server and more)

  • nextcloud app plugged
  • use personaldnsfilter on my own dns server
  • etc

At this moment, I have the same question/idea of many people with new FP4 : move out FPOS, root FPOS or just uninstall Gapps, and which security of that ?

After read, Move out FPOS at this time can be possible without any warranty to back on it. (Previously, I use twrp and rollback if necessary, i know, it’s not supported at this time)

Rooted phone if necessary ? not sure (except for play with termux… :smiley: ) and use it ACC via magisk (+1 for me, to block charge to 80% automatically)

Last option is : reduce google print on y phone, play with ADB and remove many pre-installed app/gapps
After, I think to install microG (only for gms for nextcloud and nextcloud talk, project to use another way for notification is not finished)
Based on this tutorial

At this time, I don’t have any notification of talk/nextcloud because no google account (only f-droid/aurora)

My question is : If remove all Gapps on FPOS, I can be get impact/instability of my phone ?
Rollback will be available via factory reset of android ? Even if remove Gapps ?

If FPOS can be work without Gapps, only with microG, why not keep it, and don’t move out on another OS :wink:

Thank you for reading,
Sorry for my English (I learn with a teacher every week to perfect it)

I am the writer of the MicroG tutorial. Some apps may not work. For me it’s connected car one … Others are OK.

If you remove Google Play Services completely, mess with system partitions enough so they won’t run anymore or flash the wrong image to the wrong slot (don’t flash TWRP, ever), OTA updates will stop working.

At that point you’ll either have to restore your phone to the previous state or perform a factory reset to update.
Depending on the state of your partitions, sideloading the ota.zip without a factory reset would also be a possibility, if it’s available (link has to be extracted from e.g. logcat).


thank your for your replys, sorry for my late answer, i have accidentality remove notification for this thread…

Hum, if install microg and follow tuto :

You don’t need to delete Gapps, NanoDroid will do. I only tried installing the MicroG version of NanoDroid, perhaps you want the full version… If you do so, please tell me the results !

I lost OTA maj of my FP4 ?

At this time, we can’t use FP4 with FPOS without Gapps ? to summarize ?

Because, all notif via GMS are disabled because not phone/account set for google…

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