What Apps are installed?


I don’t have a Fairphone yet, but I plan to buy a FF3+.

Here in the forum I read in some topics that users recommend apps from the F-Droid store.
I know that this is an additional store, but these postings raise the question, if the Google Play Store is pre-installed of if I have to install the Play Store manually.
AFAIK the Google apps must be pre-installed on Android devices?

Is there a list of apps that are installed on a brand new phone?


Play store is included but I have disabled it.

It depends upon what apps you want F-Droid is a bit sparse to say the least and
although not recommended
I download a few basic apps from apkpure dot com (not to provide a link) :slight_smile:

Smartphone vendors get a Google certification for their own Android OS so they can offer their OS on their phones with Google Apps and services preinstalled.

The Fairphone 3 and 3+ come with the usual Google Apps and services preinstalled, unless you buy your phone from the e foundation with /e/ preinstalled.
Else … every Android OS out there is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), so OSes based on AOSP without preinstalled Google Apps and services are Android, too.

Regardless of using Google Apps or not, many users find F-Droid attractive as an App store because F-Droid offers Open Source Apps only, built from their respective sources, has people actively checking the source code of Apps, and is aware of so-called App anti features users might not want.


I’ve never had a google account which is mandatory for the Google Store (amended: to download new apps) and don’t intend to have one.

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The Play Store works just fine as an updater for the preinstalled Google Apps and services in case you don’t provide a Google account :wink: .
So the account is only mandatory if you actually want to get something from the Store.


It is pre-installed (as long as you don’t buy from the /e/ Foundation.

From what I remember, just the default Android apps and Google apps. Also one app for Orange SIM support or something. No real bloatware, FP3’s OS is very clean.


Maybe if you use Orange in France + . I use EE which took over Orange in the UK and no such app.

OK, so despite of Android and the standard Google Apps, what apps are installed else on the Fairphone 3+ ?

Not much really, there one for Fairphone that’s a bit useless otherwise standard basic google stuff. Fairphone haven’t loaded any other their own help to contact Fairphone and basic info on Fairphone App

Thank you all for your feedback.
Good to hear that the Google Apps are installed (the Google Play Store) and that there is no bloatware installed.

This is what I hate most at my Samsung Galaxy Note:
There is so much useless bloatware installed like

  • Apps from Samsung (Bixby, Samsung Browser, Samsung Knox, Game Booster, Game Launcher and many others from Samsung that I don’t need)
  • Evernote
  • Facebook
  • Many more

So I really like that Fairphone us bloatware-free.


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