What account should I use to access Fairphone shop?


I’m not able to access Fairphone.com’s webshop. I have at least four accounts with Fairphone.com but none of them seems to work:

  1. Notification account which I created to receive information about the release of first batch Fairphone (created in 2012 or so)
  2. Shop account to order a first batch Fairphone (fairphone.webshopapp.com, created mid 2013)
  3. Support account (fairphone.zendesk.com, probably created late 2013 or early 2014)
  4. Forum account (forum.fairphone.com, created August 2014)

My guess was the second account also works for ordering spare parts. But apparently none of the above mentioned accounts works. Which one is supposed to work?

Do I need to create yet another account in order to buy spare parts? Maybe it would be a good idea to integrate all these accounts into one single-log-in solution (that is, if there aren’t any more pressing issues to solve :sunny:)


I’ve created a new one now. Still, unifying all of them would be nice, escpecially since the shop login page already asks whether I have “a Fairphone account” :wink:


Unfortunately the shop is not linked to the forum and I suspect this wouldn’t be possible either as they use different platforms entirely.

Chrizriley, I got the very same problem earlier on, and mentioned it to the shop side with no effect.

I’m well aware that you and them are obliged to handle separate log/passes, but what you need to do is announce it clearly, because the current status of things is really misleading.

I for one sincerely believe Fairphone is loosing some customers that are pissed off because they think they cannot access ths shop.

Which is serious matter.
And definitely would be worth adding a dedicated warning e. g. when creating the l/p here (“be aware that these credentials are only for the forum and you’ll need to define separate ones for the shop”, or whatever)

At this moment, the common experience is, the shop guys tell us they are different from you, and you tell us you are different from them. That’s true and cool, but would I be “M. Fairphone shareholder” I honestly would consider this not enough :wink:

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Hi guys,

We became aware of the confusion with login credentials to use and I am sorry our landscape is currently forcing you to remember so many logins and passwords.

We did implement a warning when login in to the webshop above the login box to create a bit more clarity. See the screenshot below.

In the future we would like to at least tie some things into a single sign on solution, but sorry, for now we are still busy with other pressing issues (like helping all the new FP1u customers starting up their Fairphones!). Once things quiet down we will again look into this.

I will also think if there is anything to do to make the message more clear on the webshop.

Thanks for the feedback!


@Marco I had the same issue today. Having an account in the shop, I tried the lost password feature 5 times to access the forum. The message was just saying that “if an account exist for this email… I would receive a reset email”. But of course no account existed and I understood this only once I found this thread.

A warning in the “lost password” popups of each service (forum, shop, etc…) could be useful :wink: