What about the Fairphone-Orange partnership?


Four months ago France discovered joyfully that a partnership between Fairphone and Orange, a French telecommunication corporation, will be effective this summer.
But summer goes on and I have not found any news about it.

Does someone have some information or know who I have to contact in order to get response?



Did they talk about summer? Well summer is not over and judging from experience Fairphone usually takes advantage of the whole time frame they give themselves… :smirk:

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Yes, summer is not finished yet and that gives me a little hope of this, but as I did not find news I was asking for it.
I saw on Internet that the contract was not finalised when the news happened (in May 2017).
I think it is a good thing if both of the partners are taking their time to develop correctly such contract but I hope it will be done and that will be suitable for Fairphone :relaxed:

I was also already wondering how that deal evolved. No news from Fairphone’s side so far… :frowning:

I just read this article and I feel confused about it:

In a way, it means that the partnership progress but I do not like system app because it cannot be uninstalled. I do not know if only French mobiles will have these apps or will it be “on every Fairphone 2 device running Fairphone OS 17.08.1 or later”.

If this last one is applying, I hope there will be an official way to bypass it; otherwise, it raises doubts in me regarding this partnership :confused:


My impression is, that the Fairphone company doesn’t bother much about consumer wishes. But you do sidestep such unwanted partnerships with using Lineage OS at your phone.

Yeah, I think it would be different if you really had no other choice. But there is Fairphone Open OS as well.

I guess, that’s a bit harsh.
Although I fully understand that point of view and shared it one time, I have come to another conclusion in the end.
First I would not know of any other smartphone company, that has such a lively community being watched and addressed by Fairphone employees quite regularly. I therefore have the impression, they really do listen and care, even if they - obviously - lack the time and staff to comment on everything.

With regard to that Orange App I am not too happy myself, that such stuff is included in the system.
On the other hand as far as I know, this app is inactive as long as you do not activate it and is resting in the system partition, not wasting any space you could use. Before someone mentioned it, I even didn’t notice that app.
So, other than the bloatware delivered with most phones, such an app seems to be quite harmless and no real problem whatsoever.

My guess would be, that the integration of the app is due to a contract with Orange (F), thus getting it to be sold by Orange. From a business point of view I am quite happy with that achviement, as this should help to spread the message and to reach much more people. In the longer run, by producing larger quantities the hardware should profit too, quality-wise as well as with regard to specifications.

I only can congratulate Fairphone for every means of selling the phone to as many customers a possible.
Another step besides agreements with Telecommunications Companies is to place the phone in (online)shops. In Germany Fairphone is no longer just sold by Vireo but by memo as well.
As memo is a large online-shop for b2b as well as private customers, fairphone even has made it to price comparison sites like “geizhals” or “skinflint”.
Seems good to me and makes me accept single apps like the Orange App.

And of course, as @Heiner and @Stefan already mentioned, there are alternatives for Fairphone, in case of Fairphone Open even developed, delivered and updated by Fairphone themselves.


Fairphone 2 is available today at Sosh a subsidiary of Orange and at Orange itself


An article in French about the Fairphone-Orange partnership:

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