What about "Sunlight mode"?

According to some reviews “Sunlight mode” (in the “Display” settings) needs to be activated to access the screen’s full brightness (just as 90 Hz isn’t activated at the start, either). With brightness at 100 % I can’t see any difference, though, turning “Sunlight mode” on or off. Does there really have to be bright sunlight to get the screen brighter (even with “Adaptive brightness” deactivated) - or is my “Sunlight mode” (or even the display) broken?

I got my blue FP5 just yesterday and from the get-go the screen actually feels a little bit too dark for my taste when using “Adaptive brightness”. I try to train it to stay brighter, but so far “Adaptive brightness” is quite stubborn.

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+1, doesn’t do anything, brightness is the same.

I think I got it now. Sunlight mode actually just kicks in automatically, when the sun is shining (or the phone is in some other really bright light). You can’t turn it on manually.

Not sure if be same, but here see “Sunlight Mode” as automatic max brightness when on Sun AND is disabled AutoBrightness…

But when i now try on FP5 (is night = with artificial light), lightsenzor show >20000lx and low manually set brightness is not kicked to max… so who know if this is another implementation or is buggy, or… ? :slight_smile:

Someone would have to ask Fairphone Support about how this should work

I did. This is the answer:

“The display will reach a brightness level of 600 nits in normal mode. When the sunlight mode is enabled, the display will reach up to 800 nits in very bright environments (e.g. in direct sunlight).”


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