What about a keyboard?

I’m a current BlackBerry-user which I will use as long as it works. My next phone will be a Fairphone. I would love a small Bluetooth keyboard (maybe within the protective cover) as an additional gimmick. It’s what I like most on the BB and I would surely buy it for the fairphone.

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Why not so FP 2 would become, a micro notebook :smiley:
I would love it.

well, if you need it, you can buy this for sure.

Hi ! I got myself this bluetooth keyboard (can’t find it on the global amazon website with a quick search, sorry).

It works very well and is easy to put in a backpack (it’s very compact). I got it for around 9€ about a year ago

I want a Fairphone keyboard, built under ecological conditions and the same design, it should have the same size as the Fairphone, with real keys. I know that there are other keyboards but that is not what I think of.

interestingly, in the meantime before FP fulfils your wishes, you can even use you blackberry as a keyboard and touchpad on your fairphone :

no waste, re-use, re-purpose… that is ecological :slight_smile:

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