What a headphone jack is useful for

Today I had an interesting experience: I was on a cycle tour when I spotted something lying on the road. I turned around to see what it was and it turned out to be a smartphone, somewhat older LG. It was most probably overrun a few times already, the pro-version of the spiderman app was installed…

I couldn’t find anything that would have pointed towards the owner or someone that he/she would know but since it was a road outside the city where mainly cars are driving I decided to take it with me as barely anyone would go searching for the phone there anyway. An hour later it rang in my pannier, I stopped to see if I could answer the call but with the completely broken display that was impossible.

At home I tried if the phone would support USB OTG so I could answer a potential next call. Of couse that didn’t work. When connecting a charger the backlight lit up. I searched for any lost property offices close to where I found it and then put it aside.
Then it rang again. While it rang I tried the OTG approach again, without success of course, then I my view wandered over the headphone jack. I hurried to to grab my cabled Fairphone headset, put the plug into the phone, pressed the middle button and yeah, with the broken phone I had a relative of the owner at the line and we discussed how to handover the broken phone to save what can be saved (simcard etc.).

I know that with a newer phone a USB headset or an adaptor would have served the purpose, too, but since I don’t own something like that (yet) I was happy to have the headphone jack at that phone :slight_smile: