What a fresh battery did for my FP1

My FP1 is well over 2 years old now. The battery didn’t show any physical signs of trouble but it would barely last me a day. If I made sure it was charged at the start of the day, I would make it until the end of the day (with average usage, meaning no extended periods of browsing, watching videos or playing games) but I really needed to charge it then for the next day. If the charge dropped below 15%, I could literally see it go down to 0 in a matter of minutes.
I got caught off guard without charge one time too often so I made the decision to buy a new battery in the FairPhone shop.

The result: my phone goes without charging for 2 days easily, just like it did 2 years ago when the phone was new. When the charge is at 10%, I now can do the 20 mins ride home from work on my bicycle listening to Spotify with no problem. I’m no longer reminding myself to take a charger with me just-in-case whenever I leave the house for extended periods of time. It’s quite refreshing actually :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not telling you people to all rush out and buy a new battery, but if you suffer from the same problems like I did and it annoys you, do know that replacing your battery with a new one is a very real solution. Just make sure you dispose of the old one in the proper way.


I suffered this problem just 2 weeks before selling my FP1 to a friend, I contacted support just after buying a new battery (I didn’t want to let her manage a possible bloated battery just after getting the phone) and I received a refund for my order, because it is a symptom of a bloating battery.
Bye! :slight_smile:

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I made the same experience. FP1 with a new battery works like a charm :-).

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