Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

Lars here, soon to be 40 (december), senior adviser at the Swedish Environment Protection Agency. My FP has exceeded a speed of 450 km/h in freefall and it passed the test with honors. :wink:

#4th place in the world speed skydiving championships 2014


Hi there, I am Erich from Fieberbrunn, Austria. Going to buy one for my kids - hopefully 2015!! So, I am reading through and grab all information that are important for me. Have fun.

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Hi, @fairebby!
Welcome to the FP forum! I invite you to check out the following link:

Greets, Stefan

PS.: I have been to Fieberbrunn twice for skiing holidays and like it very much! :slight_smile:

Hi there,

i’m Paul and currently living in Germany. The Fairphone is my first smartphone so far (for obvious reasons, at least to us “fairphoners”, i haven’t bought a smartphone earlier) and i do like the idealistic concept behind it…if we never try something idealistic because of pragmatic barriers, then there won’t be any change at all.
Anyway i’m looking forward to the further development of fairphone - i hope that over time there will be more and more people attracted by this concept (or at least some companies with huge influence on the global market und producing process)

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I am waiting for the delivery of my FairPhone. But I want to keep myself away from Google and non libre software. I have also a N900 and I am interested about Neo900 and maybe IndiePhone. So yes, I like libre culture and privacy.



Hi Fairphoners:

I’m delighted to join our introduction pages, after reading your posts!

I’m French, living in the Bordeaux’ area with wife and children. We discover FP following links from Patagonia’s blog. Now, we own and daily use 2 FP First Edition, with as pleasure as we never had before with our old basic phones. We did that very quick choice to join the FP movement as we’re of course sharing the values, more than being smarphones users! …but we actually became (I guess! ;-)), as our FP’s are our first “smartphones” too.
We’re both running the F-Droid apps from the first boot, as a choice of a greater freedom.

Since January, one of our close friends became a Fairphoner too, by leaving his old Iphone! A bunch of other friends will follow, for sure.

Well, here’s enought; don’t want to bore you with a longer pres.
Have a nice FP experience, enjoy!


Hi sim6.

Your attention to open culture meets mine. As I wrote in my pres., I’m using mainly F-Droid apps (“F” stands for “Free” in an OpenSource mind). When installing a new F-Droid app, I appreciate the system warns me about data collection by the selected app. So I can easily decide to go or cancel the installation.

To make your own opinion, have a look to: https://f-droid.org/, …maybe it will suit your needs.

This topic too would be helpfull.

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Hi there,
I’m am a french and not a fairphone customer for now. But I hope I will be.
This phone looks promising and if if could run with ubuntu OS, I will definitely buy one.
Keep doing your work. You are amazing!

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Thanks @Sebastien, @Chris_R and @Stefan!

If I understood well, there are no Google applications installed by
default in FairPhone, but there is a widget to install these apps, named
Gapps. My plan is to ignore this widget and install f-droid to install
ChatSecure, OsmAnd~, OSMTracker, Vespucci, K-9.

As I don’t want to pollute this “Welcome! Introduce yourself here!” topic, I post my answer in the Alternative Apps(tores): Living without Google topic, which our discussion is link to.

I have received my FairPhone just now! I am very happy :slight_smile: The game starts…

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Hallo, I am Georg, currently in Denmark. I would like to purchase my first smart phone and for many obvious reasons I want it to be a Fairphone. However, some discussions I read have made me a bit insecure, namely the issue of a new model with a new operating system and possible problems with future updates for the current model. These debates are far too technical for me. My question is: should I get my FP now and will there be system updates or do I have to wait for further clarification at the end of November - or possibly one year for the new model? I want it to be a long-term investment, but I also need it as soon as possible.
Thank you for your advice. You can also re-direct me to the right forum thread given that it is not too technical or geared towards the question of open system vs. google. My only question is: will the current model work for years to come? Thanks!


j’ai connu Fairphone par une émission Franco-Allemande “ARTE” dans une des émissions appelée “GENIUS”. Le sujet devait être: la fin programée des articles. Les animateurs en arrivent rapidement à l’ ordiphone, programmé pour ne pas être réparable et…pas très solide. C’est ainsi qu’il ont parlé d’un tout nouveau téléphone qui serait RÉPARABLE, le FAIRPHONE!!

Mon métier de conducteur d’autocar m’a amené à m’abonner pour prendre un téléphone portatif. J’étais peutêtre le dernier conducteur d’ autocar de tourisme à ne pas en avoir! Jai pris le plus simple!

Puis un jour, “Itinéris” propose un SPV 620 qui permet aussi de noter des choses, d’enregistrer des rendez vous et même qui possède la navigation!! Voilà quelque chose d’utile pour moi qui suit souvent sur les routes et rarement les mêmes!

Rapidement je m’aperçois que ce téléphone portatif est un mini ordinateur ou un ordinateur de poche. Je l’appel donc un *ORDIPHONE

Mais déception, tout est payant!! Abonnement pour 2h 45€ et navigation payante, communications depuis l’étranger hors forfait!! Ca côute cher !!

En fait il s’agissait d’un ordiphone de marque HTC rebaptisé SPV par Itinéris. Bref, je l’ai gardé 7 ans au bout desquels il montrait des signes de fatigue comme, appeler une personne toutes les 5 minutes!! Même les techiciens d’Orange ( et oui entre temps France télécom a repris Orange en Grande Bretagne et en a gardé le nom en supprimant Itinéris) n’ont rien trouvé pour remédier au problème.

Début 2012, j’achète un HTC sensation blanc, 450 € et oui quand même mais je change d’opérateur pour aller chez Free, déjà mon opérateur d’internet maison. En un peu plus de 1 an, mon téléphone est remboursé! Donc pas si cher!

Mais voilà, 17 septembre 2014, je le perds!! Ce pose la question du rempplacement. J’avais déjà vu l’émission de Arte passée en 2013, je retrouve le nom et hop je le prend car pas question de *CAUTIONNER L’ ESCLAVAGISME !!!

Vous savez tout sur mon histoire téléphonique portative.

Encore un truc
Comme je voyage beaucoup, j’ai choisi la STERNE, l’oiseau qui émigre sur les plus longues distances.

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Hi Karen, I’m Tom, just got a FP and am happily babbling on to people about it’s conflict free whatnots, where are you in Ghana? I spent a lot of time in Bolga and Accra. Got a friend in Circle involved in Tech that I’m hoping to join in a few years. Enjoy the dual sim option!


Hello everyone,
I’ve been a happy owner of a 2nd batch Fairphone for a few months now.

It replaced a Samsung S4 mini with no noticeable difference except that the interface is better, doesn’t come with crap-ware and makes me feel lighter.


Hey there,
I guess it’s time I introduced myself here as well.
I have my Fairphone since January. My initial incentive to order it (in october) was merely that I wanted a smartphone and I read about the company. I was also quite intrigued by the idea that the device should represent.
To be honest I didn’t really know a lot about the great width of smartphones that were out there at the time.
And while I sometimes think about all the powerful devices even at lower prices that you can get now, I am really excited how the project will continue.
I am also willing to contribute to this, so that’s why I’m here.
Greetings from Germany!


I am from New Zealand too and I want to buy one of these. What carrier do use? And do you have any problems with the voltage. You wouldn’t need to use a converter right. I currently am with Vodafone for work and I was hoping to use Vodafone. Thank you for commenting because I really wanted one but I was worried about being able to use it.


Hey there. Yep I’m 99% sure Vodafone will be fine. Since the Fair phone is unlocked I took a gamble and am using it on 2degrees, cell data everything works perfectly. Voltage hasn’t been an issue since I started using it one month ago. It was tricky however to get the phone into the country, since NZ Post YouShop refuse to ship lithium ion batteries. I called in a favour with a mate to mail it to me. If you are planning to buy one, make sure you get postage from the EU/UK that allows for transport of lithium ion batteries (from what I’ve gathered, the key requirement is robust packaging to avoid damage in transit)

Hope this helps!

…living in Scotland, and I’m the proud possessor of a lovely1st edition Fairphone. Thank you for setting up your business and producing an ethical and environmentally aware phone! I’ve moved from a very basic mobilre to this so I’m pretty unsure of lots of its applications but I’ll learn…with your help!


Hi there, I’m Jan-Pieter.
My old phone recently started acting up (bad USB contact, malfunctioning buttons) so I decided to buy a Fairphone and it arrived last week. I was pleasantly surprised : A better phone than my proprietary one ever was (though there is some room for improvement here and there ), happily packaged in a tiny box.
I find it a fantastic project and I hope it can orient customers and by extension industry towards a more fair and sustainable future.