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Welcome to the forum, @merolar. :slight_smile: To get help, please search the forum using the :mag: above or post in the #fairphone2help category.


Thank you, Stefan. I have try too.



my name is Christian and I have a Fairphone 2. I am a long time Android and Linux user, I live in Hannover (Germany) and you can find me on Twitter @datenteiler.

Thank you very much for this community! It’s really helpful to start as a Fairphoner.


Welcome to the Fairphone forum, @datenteiler :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Jo, I’m over 50 and live in Australia.
I ordered my Fairphone to be delivered to friends when my husband and I travelled to the UK in July 18. Once home, I managed to set it all up myself - even though I’m not very tech savvy and find it all a bit stressful normally. It was actually easier than expected.
Being a first time Android user, I found things a bit different to get used to, but everything works perfectly well.
I’m a procurement professional and an advocate of the new ISO20400 on sustainable procurement. It’s important to me to ‘walk the talk’ wherever I can - so I’m very proud of my Fairphone and love the conversations it’s generating.
I hope Australia can be ‘brought into the fold’ very soon, we’re not so different or even distant in this ‘day and age’. Any plans?


@joinoz Welcome to the Fairphone Community Forum! :slight_smile: Please consider that this forum is led by the community and Fairphone staff doesn’t read each and every post.

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And possibly in this tag: #australia


I’m from France.
Just got a FairPhone 2 last week, thanks to the partnership between FairPhone and Orange, and already switched to FairPhone Open with root access. Figured I should come here too :slight_smile:


That’s a good idea! :smiley: Welcome to the forum! Maybe you can connect with the #localcommunities in France (see #addressbook).


Hello World !
My Name is Milo and i’m living in central Germany, Thüringen.
Im a ecological farmer and i lead a garden based on CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) -> Food need to be fair too ! :wink:
I have a Fairphone 2 since two years and i love it (even there are problems from time to time -> so it’s never boring !)
Im here to help, exchange and learn ! (sorry for my bad english)
Enjoy ! :wink:


Herzlich willkommen! You might not know yet there’s also a Fairphone Angel in Thuringia (Erfurt/Gotha) :slight_smile:



My name is Sue and I currently live in Tangier Morocco but will be returning to Tasmania Australia in the next 2 years. I was pleased to see the Fairphone works in Morocco which is at least reasonably close to Europe for purchase of my first Fairphone. Australia, on the other hand is a little further away particularly for replacement parts etc. So I have time to gather together the cash for purchase and to see how things shape up in Australia.
Looking forward to reading community stories and information.


Welcome to the forum, @lunasea You might be interested in the #australia topics. :slight_smile:


hi there, i’m verena from switzerland, owning a fp2 (one of the first) for 2 and a half years now. still love the ideas behind this project and hope it will further evolve and be “copied” by bigger companies around the world.
all the best


Welcome to the forum, @vaubee! Seems that Swiss Fairphoners are gaining track in the Fairphone movement, even more so with the new #fairphoneangels in Zug/Zürich and Chur. :smiley:


thanks for the information/link!


I’m Peter and I live on the Isle of Wight, UK. I’m 51 and I have owned a Fairphone 2 for about a year.
I put UBPorts on it some time back, and enjoyed that, but found it a little limiting, if beautiful, so I have now installed FairphoneOS and am very excited by it. After a year of tinkering and learning, I have finally set up a home Nextcloud server, and have a completely Google-free Android setup on my FP2, with calendar, contacts, to-do lists and media uploads and streaming all available on it. I feel very smug.
I joined the forum because I’m looking for ways to install apps that aren’t on F-Droid. In particular, I miss BBC iplayer.
I love my Fairphone and am saving up to buy one for my wife.
Best wishes to everyone and keep up the good work,


Welcome to the forum, @danceswithcats! :slight_smile: We have a whole tag dedicated to #livingwogoogle :slight_smile:

For this question in particular you should look into Yalp Store, which can be downloaded from F-Droid.


Thanks, Stefan. I’ve done that and have got the even better new app, BBC Sounds, installed. I can now listen to BBC live radio, podcasts and listen again programmes. I’ve missed being able to do that on UBPorts. Wonderful.
BTW, I like your I:heart:Jesus tag. Me too!


Hello everyone!

I have just decided to join the forum after few months of ownership over a Fairphone 2 running FP Open OS. I am quite happy with it and I have had no particular issues so far. I updated it to Android 7.1.2. smoothly (although encryption required a little tweak).

I am based in south of France for now, but I am going to travel for one year in Japan from the beginning of next year. It will be the opportunity to test the FP2 on the road. It should be alright though regarding network compatibility thanks to the information provided on the forum.

Finally, thank you for this community, and I’m happy to be part of it!



Welcome to the forum, @takuan! :slight_smile: