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I’m Jasikaran from Baar in Switzerland. I’m a Fairphone 2 user since 2015.

My Hobby is photography // visualscroll.net



My nick name already discloses that I am from Neuss, Germany - desparately awaiting my FP2 hopefully next week. My wife uses her FP1U for quite some time now and is as happy as I am impressed. I think it’s worth the price if software updates continue for at least four years (even if it’s no major Android update, but just security updates) - and if there is the option for module updates, even better. Actually the camera update sold it to me in early September, otherwise it would not have met my specs.

I just love the idea of making the manufacturing fairer and at the same time, allow for self-repair (changing a phone or laptop is a pain and waste of time!), and join such an active community. Hopefully I will meet some of you sooner or later in the Düsseldorf or Cologne area!


Welcome to the forum, @jasi @fneuss! :slight_smile:

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hy i am irene i am from pakistan I first heard about Fairphone from a friend, just before the launch of the crowd-funding effort took place and when I saw what the Fairphone team were trying to do, I was immediately sold. Ethical products are very important to me and Fairphone are trying to do something important and unique in the technology market and really leading the way.


Welcome to the forum, @Irene_Chennia! :slight_smile: I hope that they will one day also sell the Fairphone in your country. :slight_smile:

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Hi everybody!

I’m Damien, the new Fairphone User Experience designer, mainly for the website and webshop.

When I’m not drawing sketches and wireframes, you can find me watching a lot of TV shows or hanging out around raccoons in Artis, the Amsterdamer zoo!

I’m not sure I’ll be really active here, but I’m trying to read your stories, thoughts and comments on a regular basis to get the pulse of the community. So if you have any issues or feedback about the current website, feel free to contact me!

And on my side, I’ll try to figure out how we can design an always better experience together.


Hi all,

Nice to join the Fairphone community. I am the new “head of content” here in the office.

I come by way of Greenpeace International and Friends of the Earth International. My team at Greenpeace did the digital work for several campaigns focusing on tech companies like Apple and Facebook. So I’ve been part of the movement for fair and sustainable electronics, but always from the problem side. That’s still important, and I am glad Greenpeace is keeping up the pressure. But I am glad to be able to help make one solution a reality.


Hi @anon58277610, hi @AndrewDavies

It’s nice to see Faiphone keeps expanding, I just hope there are some new support members too. :wink:


Hi all of you

Im from Switzerland near Basel, and got my FP2 1 Year ago. I was very happy with it and really love to support this change for sustainable electronics.
I joined the community today because my fairphone doesn’t run since 3 Months now… Today i have been installing a new display, battery and bottom module - it still doesn’t work… The Phone seems to be working (because of the LED and the vibrations when i start it), but the screen stays dark. I tried different things, for example to install a newer version manually, but it didn’d help… So i really hope to find some help here, while slowly losing patience…

So best wishes and good luck to you guys :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum Tabea!
Could you split the part of your post about your issues into a separate topic in the #fairphone2help category? Thanks.

Hey Paula

Thanks, yes i’ll do that.

hi there
I’m using a FP1 of the first batch. Also, this is my first ‘smartphone’ – so far I’m very happy with it. And it’s not only the phone. I also like the kind and fast support one gets here :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum, @Sum! :slight_smile: I have granted you the FP First Edition Owner badge. :slight_smile:

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hello there and thank you!

I think, at least one person is missing this badge. hinthint
See entry on Sep 16 above :wink:


Done. :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there!

Recently got a second hand FP1 First Edition from a fellow Fairphone Community member. Use it as my secondary phone right now. Really liking it although the software is a bit old. Kinda thinking about using it as my primary phone (because of the Dual SIM functionallity.) Using also an iPhone SE right now.
Bought a Fairphone because I followed this company for a long time and want to be part of the movement!


Welcome the the forum, @gewoonrick! :slight_smile: I also granted you the FP1 First Editon Owner badge.

You should update your profile information, it still says “I do not own a Fairphone (yet)”. :wink:

Hi all! Just arrived to this community, finally I am ready to change my phone to a Fairphone, hoping it’d be a FP 3.

My name is Aurelio and I’m a Spaniard living in China (Spanish Teacher), while my SO is Chinese and lives in Spain with our 3 kids (I plan to be back ASAP!). This makes me think about the urgent need of leaving differences apart and aim for the common good. Speaking of which, I’m a big supporter of the so called movement (Economy for the Common Good), and one of your colleagues gave a talk on your business model at the NESI Forum (New Economy and Social Innovation), in the city I lived for almost 16 years, nice! Here the link :wink:
So, I’ve had one or two ideas and I’d like to get in touch here with people more remarkable than me, to learn from them and share.
Best wishes for all, and Common Good!