Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

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Hi, @karenzhou, welcome to the forum! Nice to meet you too! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, I’m not usually posting on forums but I feel like I’ll love to talk to you guys.

I’m a (half swiss half dutch) software engineer in the making. I have no real plans for my career as of now and, to be honest, avoiding blood on my hands when doing my job would be a, somewhat, good thing. :sweat: I think if I ever get the opportunity to get on a project like the FP, I’d jump on it right away.

Anyways, my current phone got a cracked screen and I’ve been following the news around FP since the announcement of the FP2… I’ll be taking the step real soon (I’ll need to put all the social and ethical costs in budget first :money_mouth: ).

I’m looking forward to dig deeper on the software side of the FP.

Since I speak french, english and understand german, I’ll be reading all over the place during the time I’ll be saving money for my FP! (Just need to learn dutch someday to call myself a true dutch :confounded: )

Anyway I’m really glad this project exists and I hope I’ll be able to add something to it.



Welcome to the forum, @ySiggen! :slight_smile: I think, your work would be most valuable on one of the community ports. Are you the Lineage OS, Sailfish OS or Ubuntu Touch type? :wink:


Hello everyone,
I’m from Graz/Austria and I received my FP2 1.5 week agon.
I switched to FP Open 16.12.0 but I also installed Google Play Store. I know, not everybody thinks this make sense :wink:
I also installed Xposed, Xprivacy and AFWall+. It was a lot of work, but I managed it. :slight_smile:

Now everything allmost works fine. There is only one issue with missed calls. I made a support request and I will do an forum-post.

The company I working for allowed that I chose the phone für me. So I decided for Fairphone, because it is very important for me to support the things Fairphone stands for.



Here my forum-post for the missed call issue. I hope, I did it the right why. It’s the first time, I’m writing to a forum :blush:


Welcome to the forum, Günter! Do you already know the Austrian Fairphoners?

Would be great to see a Graz community pop up! :wink:


Hi Stefan,
yes, I already subscribed to the newsletter :slight_smile:


Hi, all other fairphone users in Austria!
I’m Wolfgang and a FP2 owner since June 2016… and a proud one, too! :heart_eyes:
Just received my new ‘Slim Cases’ yesterday - totally happy about them. :slight_smile:

The pics are free for use, of course.
Looking forward to hearing about future news via Newsletter.
Fairphone rockz!

Best wishes,



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Hi, I’m Peter from Berlin, got my Fairphone 2 a few days ago and I really like it!
Switched to FP2 from an old & slowly dying Nexus S which I was using for more than 5 years(!)

Immediately installed FP Open to get rid of google, also Xposed, PMP & microG (for those apps that cling to that Big G)…



Welcome to the forum, @uman! :slight_smile: Do you know the Berlin Fairphoners? They are also very open-friendly! :wink:

@forum people: how would you like the web address berlin.fairphone.community? :smiley:



I’m Laurent from France, Oyonnax. Fairphoner since 1 year.

I come to the forum because I have difficulties since I’ve downloading Fairphone OS.

I’m very happy Fairphone exist and many people love it.

Thanks to make it living.

Best for all of you.



Bienvenue to the forum, @lblb! :wink: :fr:


Time to introduce myself as well.

I am Dietmar, the P at the end has no meaning, I am just not the first in this forum.

Got my Fairphone 2 yesterday (old black cover), switched directly to Fairphone Open because the usage of the device without Google was one of the reasons for choosing this mobile phone.

I am still in the process of installing the necessary apps, up to now I am quite happy (just the automatic brightness is a bit too dark for my eyes).
I am tracking my experience on my German homepage here: https://permondes.de/ikiwiki/de/Erhalten/Fairphone/ .

My location is München, so I hope I can make it to meet those people there next week.

Have a nice weekend


Welcom to the forum, @DietmarP !

You may move the brightness slider to the right which should also affect automatic brightness (it will be brighter under all conditions then).


Hello to everyone.

This is my time joining a forum, ever! So congrats :slight_smile:

Thank you to my friends on the continent for making this phone, I have never had a smart phone because of how Apple and others following what i believed to be an unfair and wasteful business model. I had looked at Fairphone/FP a good few years ago but it was actually just before they had launched fully so all were brand new and I was put off by the high price. Ideally i wanted a used (recycled) FP but the market wasn’t there yet so I went for a (used) Sony Ericsson Elm as it was according to research by O2 and others, one of the most eco friendly mobile phones on the market.

I finally got a second hand Fairphone 1, from the website CEX in the UK, for a xmas present in Dec 2016 and was very excited to start using it. Unfortunately my partner dropped it a couple of weeks later and cracked the screen so I decided to join the forum and ask some questions…

Thank you once again to everyone who made Fairphone possible and everybody involved in the movement

CamYe, Liverpool, UK


Welcome to the forum, @CamYe! :slight_smile:


Hello lovely Fairphoners!

My name is Kelly and I am Fairphone’s Social Media Wizard. I’ve been working at Fairphone since October 2016 and although I reference the forum on our social platforms, I have never actually used it until today, so I’m happy to be here!

The Fairphone community is really one of a kind, which makes my job an awesome one because I get to interact with you all whenever you send us a message on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Hope you’re all having a good start of the week!




Welcome to the forum, @Kelly_Sadek, I hope we meet in Amsterdam in August (#efct17)!

Happy to hear that the forum is your magical book of witchcraft. :wink:


Hi @Kelly_Sadek,

talking about Facebook, please also have a look at diaspora, there are also big fans of Fairphone under the hash-tags: #wearefairphone and #fairphone . If you did not yet come across diaspora, have a look here: (Wikipedia).