Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

Hey fellow de-googlified Fairphoner, welcome to the forum, @theGnarf! :slight_smile:

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Hi there, I’m Francesco, designer based in Milan.
I joined the forum mainly for seeking commercial info about the Fairphone 2, which I haven’t bought yet.

This project seems great to me…'nuff said!



Welcome to the community, @Francesco_Leoni! :smiley: Do you already know http://www.fairphoneitalia.org/ ?

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That’s cool @Stefan, thanks! The website seems a little still “under construction”, but from the facebook page I got that FP is going to be sold in Italy soon.
Good news!


Hey all! I am Rémy from south of France (next to Avignon). I created my design office in the energy optimisation for buildings and I bought my first fairphone for my professionnal phone. I think Fairphone helps us to be coherent between our ideas and our actions. Thank you for that.
Best regards


Welcome to the forum, @Rem! Great to see more French people on the forum! :smiley:


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Grüezi & Hi, I’m from Switzerland, loving the sea :ocean: and since few days my first Smartphone, the indigoblue Fairphone2 :purple_heart: I’m a digital Immigrant, learning every day how FP2 works. Good to know, there are cracks :mortar_board: in this Forum, which I can ask for help. I appreciate this very much! :bouquet:


Hi @Beachcomber, welcome to the forum! Do you happen to be anywhere near @novski?

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Hi all, I’m Daniele, from Italy, where, thanks God, I live with my wife and our children. I’ve bought my first Fairphone on 2014. Then a FP2 for my wife first, and another FP2 for me then followed :slight_smile:
I strongly believe in the values behind Fairphone experience (I’m looking forward that other products and services could be delivered in the world following these principles). I prefer to spend more on ethical products (and buy obviously less products - we are simple workers :slight_smile: ): it’s a way to contribute to make the world a better place (“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”, J.R.R. Tolkien)


Welcome to the Fairphone forum, @Daniele_Gagliardi :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m Guillaume,

I am leaving in China for a bit more than 10 years now, working at a maintenance management consultancy there which made me very sensitive to the issues that Fairphone is adressing, and especially how it is addressed.

Your vision of how to change an industry is so much in line with what I directly experienced here: you guys are really doing what in the end have a real and sustainable impact.

Additionally, the direction taken towards building a long-life product and “taking in account maintainability from the design period” strikes a strong cord in me, considering my field of expertise.

I hope we woudl, in time, build a community there that can address the specific issues of being compatible with some of the local constraints (geopositionning…).

Cheers… and 加油!


Welcome to the forum, @Shanghailander ! It’s great to see another insider here. :slight_smile:

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Hi, this is Jens from Heidelberg, Germany.
I work in software/ enterprise IT/media.

Have the FP2 since 2016.
I get alot of very interested, very positive questions when someone sees my FP2.
FP2 did not work for some time due to #blackscreen issues. But found help in the forum and since then its fine.
I am very hopeful and very curious about the direction FP is going…
< year 2060: FP buys Samsung and Apple -> all the world uses fair phones :smiley: >


Welcome to the forum, @Hanami. It seems you are the right person to push forward our plans for



Amazing! Thanks for the link. I had no idea that there is really a strategic initiative looking that far ahead. Always good to remind oneself of the ‘big picture’ every now and then.


Hello, I’m from Antwerp and just received my FP2 yesterday. My previous phone was a iPhone 4 which I used since 2010. I was fed up with iOS taken decisions for me. So I tried Android, after playing a few hours with it I decided to install Open OS. It looks much better.




Great to see another Open Fairphoner. :wink: Welcome to the forum, @Framb00s! :slight_smile:


Ah, more people from 't Stad! Welcome!