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Oh dear, what do you do with your phone? A FP is supposed to last much longer than 2 years. :wink:


Welcome to the forum, @Vlad! :woot:

Since you own a FP1 First Edition, I granted you the “Fairphone First Edition Owner”-badge. :slight_smile:

Hey, that is cool. Can I please get that badge, too? Pretty please :blush:. I’d love to show off that I’m a proud owner of a special first edition Fairphone :smiley:


Well … I don’t exactly remember how it happened, but it got a small crack falling from a height of only 20cm. Everything was ok then for a long time. One morning I took the phone to the kitchen and wanted to put it on the table. Somehow it slipped out of my hand and dropped to the tiled floor in the most stupid way possible. It cracked hard in the upper right corner, little smithereens broke off, and it got a long crack from there across the screen in a bow to the bottom right corner. From then on I started reading news about the FP2 almost daily :woot:

I think that was the point where the battery status started to go bonkers like jumping from 60% to 14%. When that happened again in the car I wanted to charge it, but it didn’t work right. I fiddled the cable about and tried to push it further in, which actually worked, but it seems the pushing damaged the USB connector even more. I had problems charging it ever since, always have to lay something under the cable to press it against the top of the connector. Only then it charges :confused:

I suppose I just was a little careless with my FP1. Or cursed. Or both. You can imagine how happy I was to find out the FP2 has an integrated bumper case :smiley:

Cool thanks :smile: Is there a “Fairphone First Edition Destroyer”-badge by any chance? :woot:


You may want to make sure the battery isn’t failing. Look for swelling / bloating of the battery. This can be subtle, try spinning the battery on a flat surface - if it spins easily, the surface of the battery is no longer flat. If this is the case, see here. More info about battery issues (such as misreporting charge) in general is here.

Other than that, welcome to the forum - you seem to have the full collection of the most-heard-of issues if I’m not mistaken. You’ll may make a good test case for the ruggedness of the FP2 - let us know how you get on!


You could suggest that here: :wink:

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Apparently the battery can also fail and need replacement without bloating. But then you have to pay for it yourself. (they’re out of stock at the moment)

I keep checking whether it’s bloated from time to time. For now everything’s ok.

Oh no, I don’t think that’s something people should aim for when a Fairphone is designed to last ^^

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Hi! Deivid here, from Madrid (Spain). Owner of an inherited unfairphone whose battery lifespan is about 4 hours. Looking for a secondhand fairphone because 529 euros is too much for my economy… :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum, @Deivid_Rodriguez! :smiley: Did you level up yet? :wink:

Thanks @Stefan! Yes, I can send PM’s now!


Hi, I’m Friederike from Stuttgart in Germany. My father bought a FP1U and I’ve been jealous since then. I bought my FP2 with 2 days left… and am “sitting on hot coals” as the Germans say. I will use the FP2 for work and am lookin forward to the day when I will finally be rid of my iPhone.


Welcome Friederike :slight_smile: Just 2-3 days ago another forum member mentioned he’d like a Fairphoners meeting in or near Stuttgart. I’m sure there are several more Fairphoners in Stuttgart as well.


Hi I’m Daniel from Wuppertal - Germany. As @Deivid_Rodriguez I’m looking for a second Hand FP1 that is stil affortable. Hope to join this awesome movement with such a great comunity.


Welcome to the forum, @mr.selfmade :slight_smile:

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Have you tried here (Second hand market FP1)?


Hi I’m Mike from Swansea,

I ordered a Fairphone 2 a while ago and my greedy little hands are itching to get hold of it. I like rock climbing so will be using it to check the weather forecasts to see when I can pop out on the rock between rain showers.

You have a lovely project I wish you much success with it.


Welcome to the forum, @MikeBarclay, I hope you’ll encounter many discussions here, which interest you. :slight_smile:

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Im active (mostly reading) on this forum for some time now. But since I ordered a FP2, I guess, it’s time for my coming out. :smile:

I’m very excited to have pre-ordered. Not only will it by by far the most expensive phone I bought, it will also be my first smart phone. Until now concerns about privacy, openness/freedom and fairness have held me back. With the latest developments related to opening up source code and the porting of Sailfish, I decided to risk my money and become part of this interesting project.


Welcome to the forum (now officially), @schept! :slight_smile: Nice that you finally decided to “check-in” by presenting yourself!