Weird text in top right of screen, like some kind of log process

How do i get rid os this? I have a screenshot but cannot upload it

Can you upload it to another image hoster? Or email it to your pc and upload it from there?


You can attach images to forum posts. No need to upload it somewhere else.


You will be able to upload images when you have been moved up to the basic user level of access (Access Levels explained here). It happens automatically after you have done the following on the forum

  • entered at least 5 topics

  • read at least 30 posts

  • spent a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Hi @Anne_Breakman,

I think this is a tweak for developers you accidentally enabled. Go to Settings > Developer Options (somewhere at the bottom) and make sure nothing is checked that you don’t want to be checked :slight_smile:

Kind regards,



Indeed Robin, your solution worked. I had cpu log setting on

@Anne_Breakman I’m glad this fixed your problem!

Enjoy your phone :wink:

Glad this worked for you.

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