Weird static on startup

My display has been acting strangely on start up for almost a year now. Here’s how it looks (at double speed not to waste you time too much).

When the boot is complete and the screen turns off it usually looks normal when I press the power button again. However, sometimes it just gives me a black lit screen, and I have to give it more time to come around. Has anyone else out there had any similar experiences?

It’s not currently much of a problem, but I worry that it’ll become one, and would like to find a solution (if possible) before that.

Looks like some interference… Did anything change a year ago?

Not that I’m aware of. I’m considering taking the phone apart to clean it to see if it gets better - do you think that’s worth a try, or is it too risky?

If you follow the iFixit guides and are careful, it’s not too risky. I’d especially check all connectors. What riddles me though is that the issue only shows at startup.

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You and me both. I’ll be back with a report when I’ve tried it out!

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I followed the guide and gave the phone a careful clean, but the static remains. On the bright side I got to see the inside of my phone and learn a few things about how everything is connected (fascinating)! I’m thinking about trying a factory reset to see if that would solve anything, do you think it has any chance of being worthwhile?

Great! That’s the Fairphone spirit! :smiley:

If you can confirm that this only happens during boot up (during the boot animation), maybe the boot animation files are corrupted. Before doing a factory reset, you could simply try out a fresh installation of the latest OS version, e.g. using this approach:

Thanks for the tip! I gave it a reinstall, but no luck. Since the static is currently more of a foreboding nuisance than an actual problem, I think I’ll hold off on reset until it gets worse.

Anyway: thanks a lot for all your thoughts and feedback!


If it gets worse, or you learn anything new, please come back here and tell us about it. :slight_smile:

Hi, I didn’t remember if in the testing mode there’s a appropriate test about it…

but you can try it.
Good luck

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