Weird occasional reverb/echo effect with fairbuds

99.9% of the time, the fairbuds play a relatively flat, muffled sort of sound (I agree with some of the relatively negative/neutral reviews about this, but I can live with it for a more sustainable approach). However, I’m noticing that .1% or perhaps less of the time I’m getting a weird second or split second reverb/echo effect when listening to music/video wich has occured on all 3 devices I’ve connected it to. When I hear it, I go back to the point in the music to see if it’s the device/song/video or the earbuds and it’s definitely the earbuds. It’s like a split second of unlocking a higher quality, less muffled, more dynamic - non muffled sound. It’s hard to tell due to the short time period, but it could also be the earbuds not synchronising together which causes a strange effect.

Raising here to see if it’s just mine, or anyone else get’s this.

I assume you dont have most recent firmware, which already provided improvement according to a german review.

As the most recent firmware was withdrawn its best to wait till its back


Sure. Heard about the firmware and app challenges, so will wait - danke. Thought it may be worth voicing the reverb/echo/sync issue as I’ve not seen that raised yet. Fingers crossed the next firmware fixes this too.

I am noticing this as well, after the firmware upgrade to version 56.

what exactly do you notice still after the update, the echo effect?

May be related - For me the NC mode sounds A LOT better than the other modes. I’m using Studio EQ.

Yes, I was hearing the echo effect. Yesterday I had the Fairbuds go completely silent for a few seconds, two or three times. Today after a full recharge I haven’t heard anything strange so far, but it’s giving me some anxiety that I need to carefully listen for any possible glitch.

Just a quick heads up that the echo effect is still happening for me. What advice can you give me? Should I contact CS?