Weird numbers showing up in the webshop's back cover color menu (Nov '15)

Hi all,

I was checking my order status in the shop and I’ve noticed that my choice of back cover color has been replaced by this weird number. Is it a common problem, or is it just a glitch? Does that mean that the order has been picked up?


I found the same yesterday in my fairphone account.

Also the same in ‘my’ fairphone account.
I changed the ‘1FP2…’ into the color blauw doorschijnend (blue transparant) and clicked on save.
No idea what happens next.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I did the same…probably a glitch, but you never can tell.

Same problem here, it’s strange

Same here… I hope there will not be problems with the order!

My first reaction: Are they part numbers?

Just considering that production is about to ramp up…

I’m worried that if I change it back to my cover of choice something will be screwed up in the order.
I guess that this is just paranoia though :slight_smile:

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Same here! I hope that the fairphone crew will repair this…

Hey All,

I just mailed our webshops developers to look into this.
Will let you know here as soon as I here something!



A quick update on this, don’t worry! The choices everyone made for a cover are safe and sound in our system, so you won’t receive the wrong color, @mgalactus.

The reason this happened was because of some maintenance in the back end, and you could indeed call it a glitch. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you’ll see the right ‘names’ of the colors in your account again.

Maybe y’all already noticed by now, but we have disabled the option to choose the color of the back cover.

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@anon48893843 “Maybe y’all already noticed by now, but we have disabled the option to choose the color of the back cover.”

Can you tell us why?

Maybe bcause the deadline was Oct. 16 for the early buyer?

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