Weird artifacts on some photos

Hey, so I have these weird artifacts on some (6 out of 84) pictures It’s best to just look at the ones below.

Here are some facts:

  • It’s happening regardless of hardware, so it must be an issue how the data is saved or maybe even because of the heat.
  • It happened on either of the cameras (selfie, normal and wide).
  • I used the standard photo app, my phone is running on Android (not /e/OS) that it has been shipped with, on version 12 (Build number FP4.SP2G.B.079.20230624, I’ve not updated it since taking the pictures)
  • Some were also done on high pixel
  • There’s always a little additional artifact on the left side, which is content from the right side. It’s only visible on some pictures, because I couldn’t crop it that way (visible on 3, 4 and 6 though)
  • Sometimes the artifact is only visible on the thumbnail.
  • Sometimes it’s gone on the Fairphone, but if I open that same picture on another device, it’s there
  • It looks like there was a delay between the parts of it, because the difference is not only in color but it’s also crooked, which is visible on some pictures
  • I’m leaving the EXIF-Data in as much as I can, but I can’t give you originals and I have to crop them, because those are still private pictures
  • Opening them in GIMP also gives me error messages of this kind: “Corrupt JPEG data: 75 extraneous bytes before marker 0xd9” with the number of bytes being different, the marker is the same
  • I only cropped them from one side.

I can’t upload them on here, because somehow it doesn’t show the picture at all.
Here are the links to see all 6, the 4th one was made seconds after the 3rd one.
I uploaded the same images on an image hoster and on a file hoster (for 30 days):

(If there’s a better way to get you the images, please tell)

Thanks in advance

On first smell this could be failing storage.
Have you tested different storage locations/devices (sd cards)?

Yep, my thoughts exactly. This looks like some sort of storage degradation. So details about where those pictures got saved would be helpful.

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