Weee and Waste Batteries Legislation

I’m interested in knowing how it is implementd the WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU and the Batteries Directive 2006/66/EU in the Fairphone process, since every EU member state has different way to face them.



please don’t forget this is a community forum only. Don’t think any of the members here is able to answer this very specific question.

My personal guess is, that Fairphone is handling the WEEE directives according to the rules in the Netherlands.



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I’m not sure what you’re actually asking as the WEEE directive controls how electronic waste is managed and is a requirement on all of us to deal with our waste through the correct channels. So FP will be bound to follow this for any waste that the company produces/collects.

FP obviously takes environmental/waste issues seriously as it is for this reason that they opted not to supply chargers with every new phone.

There is also this on recycling phones and will eventually have a recycling scheme in place itself

The WEEE directive has only one “placing on the market” obligation: the crossed bin. So the FP is perfectly ok with this directive :slight_smile:

On the battery directive, I don’t have the impression there are much differences in implementation here. So I guess there won’t be any problems. The same goes for the (new) RoHS directive.

According to the WEEE2 directive you need to appoint authorised representatives in all EU countries that you sell FP to, by means of distance communication. As far as I know you don’t have a representative in Sweden?

How do you recommend your Swedish customers to handle their end of life FP:s?