Websites publishing FP5 (five) specs - are they to be trusted?

I like the FP idea, and I am planning to buy one. One major attraction is an easily replaceable battery - my current 'phone is perfectly good for my needs, but the battery is dying. To get at it, you have to un-glue the display and… all that.

I know that the latest model is the FP4 5G, but I don’t want to buy one just before a FP5 is released, so I searched for ‘Fairphone 5’ on Google. I got plenty of hits, all of which claim to give the spec - and all say that the battery is non-removable.

I don’t believe that. It doesn’t make sense for a modular design that can be easily repaired.

What’s the official line on this, please?

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Welcome to the community forum.

I searched for “Fairphone 6” and got hits which claim to give the specs.
It’s the internet.

I think there’s no official line visible yet. Until the Fairphone 5 gets officially announced with specs, all specs given on the internet have to be considered bogus and clickbait.

If Fairphone would announce the 5 a long time before it would come out, it’s safe to assume this would hurt sales of the Fairphone 4 pretty much, while it would still be a perfectly fine phone and would not be any worse the moment the 5 gets announced … but consumers etc. pp.

If you don’t have to make the decision now, just wait.
The moment you really have to make the decision, make it based on what’s there and what’s known officially in that moment, there’s nothing more to do.
There will always be the next phone, the next price cut, the next technological advancement. The moment we buy any tech we are already missing out, if we follow that logic. But we don’t have to follow that logic. Make a decision with which you can be content, because it’s sound, full stop.

I guess nobody being serious believes that, unless there would be an equally convincing concept, which is hard to imagine.


I don’t think there is an official line on this, Fairphone hasn’t announced anything. I personally wouldn’t be inclined to trust random websites with equally random specs without some sort of justification. They can convince me with a submitted certification document for WiFi or 5G.


Hi @mike_9000 and welcome to the forum. This is a user forum… Search here and you can find threads where users write their desiderata for the next generation of FP.
I also think FP will not sells a new model in the next years (1 or 2, I think): their device are made for last. If you search in the forum you’ll find impressions on the trend of the models, and I remember that something concern is also in the FP site (story and mission).

Edit: sell, not purchase :upside_down_face:


I briefly made the same search and looked at 3-4 of these sites.
One claimed the “Fairphone 5” would cost 200 Euros in Europe and added prices for USA, India, other parts of the world – the FP4 costs around three times that sum and is only available in Europe.
One claimed the “Fairphone 5” would come with either 64 or 128 GB RAM – just half of what the FP4 comes with.
One claimed the “Fairphone 5” would come with a 5.65 display – smaller than the FP4’s and identical to either the FP2 or FP3.
One claimed the “Fairphone 5” would be released in July 2022. I tend to think I would have noticed.


Thanks to Everyone.

I’m not a specs fiend, so I didn’t look too closely at anything other than the battery - which has to be user-replaceable. I’m not replacing another perfectly good 'phone because it’s uneconomical to do as something as simple as change a battery.

FP 4 5G it is, then - in November, for my birthday :slight_smile:


After FP4 comes the FP4+ with a better camera modul says my crystal ball. I guess In spring 2023.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

There has been a two year gap between previous versions so a two to three year from September 2021 would be reasonable. Though with the 5 year warranty currently on the FP4 I would hope it will be 3 years before an FP5 is on the market.


I dont hope so, the hardware will not help much to improve and will create unnessary electronic waste. so I hope they concentrate in the Software improvement and let other apps access all cams.


A better camera seems to be priority, judging from reviews - or an improved camera camera module that you can fit yourself? :slight_smile:

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By all accounts (if you read the forum opinions) the camera is fine but there are desires and hopes for software improvements.

What reviews are you refering to that say the camera is a problem and not the software?


At the last Fairphone update (2-3 months ago or so) they mentioned that there are no plans for a Fairphone 4+ or Fairphone 5. I suppose there is still much to gain in terms of software improvements.


I didn’t save them, but several judged the camera hardware below par. Mind you, this is now a point of competition between the big names (with alliances between phone manufacturers and Leica and Hasselblad). They have to differentiate themselves somehow, I suppose.

I’m a camera nut, a little suspicious of the heavy processing that 'phone cameras do, so I’m not actually worried if FP is behind the curve on that - I have cameras.


I suppose the whole point is that modularity means that the upgrade path involves a screwdriver, not replacing the whole unit, and it’s not a bug that they don’t release new models often - it’s a feature :slight_smile:


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