Web browser: unable to paste text into address bar

Since I updated my fp open to 17.06.4, my stock web browser shows some strange behaviour: When long-clicking into the address bar (trying to mark or paste some text), that address bar is shifted down out of sight, leaving only an unresponding black bar where it was.

Before long-click:

After long-click:

Any ideas?

Hmm… the original stock browser has been replaced by Google with Chrome for standard Android. Do you mean this one, then it may be a Chrome issue - at least on a variety of other browsers I don’t have this issue - or are you using some variant with which browser exactly downloaded or built-in from where which then it may be some compatibility issue?

I’m on FP Open (no Google apps), so I haven’t got Chrome. I used to use the stock browser as a fallback option, but since the update it’s pretty useless.

I don’t use the stock browser, but for what it’s worth I can confirm that with Fairphone Open OS 17.06.4 and Open GApps pico.
With my phone, either the address bar goes black or it shows graphic glitches after long-tapping on it.
Also notice how the 3 Android buttons at the bottom of the screen change their orientation when this happens (see @Psalmist’s screenshots) .

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Thanks for confirming. Haven’t noticed the changing buttons yet - funny!

I have tried with Dolphin and I believe with Firefox too and couldn’t see any accident…

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