Weather Widget doesn't work

The cyanogenmodweatherprovider will no longer receive data under the current Lineage version. Have tested all three possible providers (Yahoo, Open Weather and Underground), but no one gets current data.
Are there any tips for me?


I use OpenWeather with Chronus Widget, works totally fine.
I had to create an account with OpenWeather, though.

Which Widget do you use and which steps did you take to configure the weather?

I use YahooWeatherProvider with lineage clock widget.

Did you configure weather in the Widget settings, most importantly the place you want to know the weather for (fixed place of your choice or current location)?

I tried to enter a place I did not do before (automatic localization) and I realize that Yahoo can not find a single place. Possibly. are their servers down? Who knows.

Interesting. I had that with OpenWeather too at first, when I tried to enter a fixed place. I rebooted and tried several times, until it somehow worked all of a sudden.
I thought it must have been some server glitch, too, but if you have the same problem now with a different provider, perhaps it is LineageOS’s fault.

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Restart solved this problem. :grinning: