Weather widget disappeared


A couple of days ago the weather widget, which was always on the main screen next to the date, disappeared. I have tried to reinstall it from the widget menu but it doesn’t appear there.
I don’t know which is the app originally installed in the FP.
Any help or hint?

Do you have extra screens if you swipe left? and could you provide a screen shot of what you do have to indicate where it was and what launcher etc you are using?

I have tried to reinstall it from the widget menu but it doesn’t appear there.

Regarding the main home and additional screens:
Can you add other widgets and what size are they, i.e. is there enough space for the default size?

Here are my two screens.


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Apparently there is a default widget called Accuweather

What widget are you using to try and get the weather on the screen?
Is the clock a part of the weather widget? if so then it looks like a problem with the app or the app is failing to access the weather site.

I remember the image of date and weather but I have removed many Google default options and i can’t see any option to show weather without a specific app.

Also you will need location switched on, which I have off ??
Strike Out see posts 8 and 9 :slight_smile:

This is not a separate widget, but included in the Google ‘At a glance’ widget. But when and how long the current weather is displayed, seems to lie in the hands of Google. My FP3 doesn’t show it at the moment, a Google Pixel 4a neither.

P.S.: You can check the preferences of this widget, maybe weather is disabled, it ain’t o my FP3, but as already said, I can only see the date at the moment.


Hello @Carine_Simon,
have you already solved your issue or is the weather still missing?
Try to press and hold the “Date” widget an then choose the pop-up “Preferences”.
There you can turn on an off the different options.
Your one should be “Weather”… just turn it on and the info should be back again.
Best regards


Hello @KeSch ,

You have just solved my problem! That was effectively an option in the preferences. Simple but I was not aware of it. Thanks.


Hi amoun,
I also think it’s best to turn Location off unless one really needs it. I never turn it on. I know where I am and I don’t need anyone else to :wink: But that need not prevent using a weather service like Accuweather. You can set the location in the app manually.

Hi @KeSch welcome to the forum, and thanks for sorting this one!


Hi @OldRoutard

Yes of course setting a location doesn’t require GPS, which is what I have done in the past ?? What was I thinking ~ thanks I’ll edit my post. :blush:

Thanks to you all, I can now switch off the accuweatherwidget, which is of no use for me. In Belgium I prefer the KMI-weatherapp.


Who would have known, that the weather can be set in the settings of the clock/date widget.
It’s kind of strange in my opinion.

Yes, it’s indeed a good way to switch off the weather as well. Good to point that out!!

So is it a different widget than referred to above, so which widget is it? My default A10 ~ 0107 widget doesn’t have a weather attachement

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