Weather Pro is not working after latest update

I updated yesterday to android 6.
So far the app Weather Pro, that I bought, always diappeared after an update. Now it had to be newly installed and is not working anymore after installation. Nay ideas what I can do?
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Is the app not opening at all or is it’s functionality not working?
You could try reinstalling the app, clearing it’s cache & data and checking it’s permissions.

As I said. After the update the app had vanished completely. So I installed it anew. When I start it it tells me that it was stopped again. (Beendet in German). The same with other apps that had to be newly installed after the update and so far had always vanished from their normal place on the display. Es Datei Explorer pro and dB ticket viewer. They are also not running now. I emptied the cache but the result is the same. I checked the permissions and the app had all permissions apart from storage (Speicher in German) I allowed that but still it does terminate as soon as I start it.

It seems that this is not a WeatherPro-specific problem as you have this problem with other apps and I have no problems with WeatherPro.

Re-install the current update by opening the Updater app and going into the Advanced mode.

If that does not help, you can try a hard reset. This will delete all your data, apps and settings, so back them up first.

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I object as the problem occurs with every update. And the only other app is the es Explorer. I will try to re-install the app but I will definitely not risk a hard reset yet.

Did you disable any of the pre-installed apps?

No. But I now deinstalled weather pro again, restarted the phone, installed weather pro again and now it seems to work. The same now worked for es datei explorer. So I now wait and see what happens after the next update. Thanks for the support.

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OK. Keep us informed if WeatherPro and ES File Explorer still work after the next update.

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