WeAreFairphone on Mastodon

Have any more local Fairphone communities joined Mastodon by now?

I am about to finally do so for aachen.fairphone.community and am undecided which instance to join. I understand I can still change the instance later, but it would not be the most helpful thing to keep doing so (especially for those who want to find us through other places – would have to keep changing the information there).

I would just be interested to see if there is already some sort of cluster of Fairphone Angels or communities on Mastodon. It wouldn’t hurt to link up there as well (you can see I haven’t really got a clue yet :blush: ).

If you don’t mind, feel free to post your local community account here.


most of the time it doesn’t matter which instance you join, as they’re all interoperable (unless an admin of an instance specifically blacklists another one from federating with it).

Anyway, for a start:


I wonder if it’s time to delete the Twitter account of WeAreFairphone…

It still has about twice as many followers compared to the Mastodon account. But interaction is almost non-existent, the number of impressions per month is around 600 (single popular posts in the past had reached more than 10k for comparison) and it recently loses 50-100 followers per month (I guess as people leave Twitter, not because of the account, but that’s just a guess).


Fairphone Community Aachen recently decided to donate a few Euros to our Mastodon instance nrw.social (we have some modest local community funds mainly resulting from hardware donations from a local community member). I’m regarding this as our annual contribution for 2022, so I calculated it on a fixed monthly “rate”.

Fairphone Community Aachen’s (8 months old) Mastodon account now has more followers than our Twitter (57 months) and Instagram (12 months) accounts, but I will keep all three accounts for the time being – last but not least because it is quite apparent that each reaches a different audience, and as I think we cannot afford to no longer be able to profit from the official Fairphone account’s scope on the commercial networks (by way of being retweeted by Fairphone).

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End of this month the crossposter bot for the company account will close down.
So I no longer need to tell people they won’t get any response when they comment a toot :wink:

The question is, will that lead to a proper presence on Mastodon / the fediverse as a whole, or is it just going to become dormant? :thinking:

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Well, I didn’t bring this up before … but I guess your question will be something to bring up again once this vacancy is filled: Social Media and Community Manager - Fairphone