Weak wifi and bluetooth since 1.8

Hi every one

i’ve sent it to fairphone support due to ghost screen behaviour.
Since i’ve got it back, i’ve installed 1.8 as I was asked to do so.

though , now the wifi signal as well as the bluetooth is more than poor.
wifi: even 1 meter away from by internet box wifi signal, the wifi on the phone is either inexistant or at the first point on the scale of wifi quality signal (not even a bar, just the first point!)
I can go through web pages, but it’s fairly slow.
I’ve tested with other phones or tablet at home, no problem what so ever then.

bluetooth: the signal is weak, my head set can’t reach any thing further than 40cm, and even next to the phone, the signal has metalic sounds on all the words.

some help would be very appriciated.


Hi and welcome to the forums!

I personally cannot imagine this has really something to do with the Update do 1.8. I am running 1.8 since ages and did not notice any differences in signal quality for wifi and bluetooth.

Still, Version 1.8 has been due to a lot of problems. So it is not impossible.

I can imagine though that during repair, the anntenas have not been reconnected or something. Did you update to 1.8 straight away? Because then it could be simply coincedence. Or did Wifi work for after the repair until you upgraded?

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No I’ve put the 1.8 version straight away after having the phone back in hand.
but a sheet was included, and 2 persons tested different stuff on the phone such as bluetooth and wifi if I recall correctly.
this is why I thought it could be the 1.8 upgrade.
I wanted to go down to 1.6, because many people work fine with it, but no options were available.

I also thought this, when I read your issue. See this picture from the Guide on iFixit.

This antenna is quite hard to put back into its initial place, so it is very possible that it is causing problems with connectivity. Opening up your FP to check is not very hard, just follow the steps in the guide. :slight_smile:

thank you, I’ll see this tomorrow. I’ll get back to tell the rest of my adventure :wink:

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So I followed the guide, though everything was in order. I unplugged and puggled again just in case the cable had a durt or something , but stayed the same after puting everything back together.

any other idea?

any how, thank you for trying with me and your advices.