Weak light FP3 photos

I guess this is not the place to post your “My best FP3 photos”.

Four photos taken by the FP3 (standard “Camera” app), done without care and in bad light: All curtains closed, some daylight peeking through gaps, first three shots with normal room lighting on + desk lamp (LED). I haven’t got a steady hand, so these are rather the opposite of tripod shots.

First photo (stamps) cropped.
Final photo (bottom right) with all lamps switched off and just computer display spending some extra light.


I took a photo last evening at sunset, one with FP2 (2nd camera version) and one with FP3, both with OpenCamera and under very bad lightning conditions.
I cannot spot any significant improvements, the FP3 low light pictures seemed more color intense.
But with the faster processor, the FP3 camera starts very fast, with the FP2 camera (cold start), I need up to 4sek, until I take a picture, with FP3 it feels like 1-2 sek.


Your FP2 camera is the second version of the module, right? Mine (first version) wouldn’t get even closer to that quality…

Yes, the second version of the FP2 camera, you are right (i will edit my post)…

Thanks for the useful comparison. The FP3 uses a nice Sony sensor without optical stabilization, in low light conditions the ISO is going to increase if you shoot in full auto. To obtain the sensor full potential in such situations, I think you need to hold the phone on a tripod or similar support and then manually set the ISO to 100.


I know, but it was just a very quick test under (my personal) standard off-road conditions. Normally I don’t have a tripod with me, but I’m curious in this special case, so ya, maybe I do a new and better stabilized test in the next days with FP1, FP2 (v2) and FP3 :slight_smile:

Btw. @Ayn welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Thanks! anyway, my forbidden dream no.1 is a future cam module with optical stabilization :slight_smile:

Could you try this also with the camera app that is delivered on the phone? I also use Open Camera, but would like to know if the standard delivered app might be customized software for the camera with extra features.

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I feel like the FP3 image has more depth and color. But what surprises me: The FP3 image is actually quite a bit larger while having a smaller file size. Are you using the same compression?

Fairphone 3 with the standard-camera app:
The first two with “normal” / “bad” lighting conditions…



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