WE NEED YOU ✨ A Decade of Change

Hey hey community!

The 10th-anniversary celebrations don’t stop there. We’ve put a special video together, and we want YOU to be a part of it! We’d love for you to submit your videos, clips, and pictures that capture your Fairphone experiences.

Can you believe it’s been a whole decade for Fairphone? It’s been an incredible journey of change, and we’re so grateful to have you on board for this exciting ride! :blue_heart: But you know what? None of this would have been possible without our amazing community. Together, we’ll create the ultimate “A Decade of Change” video to mark our 10th anniversary.

So please, share your memories (pics, videos, music, whatever), or be the voice of change and record your version of our voice-over script or… get creative and submit anything else you want to say!

You can submit your content here: Decade of Change - #Fairphone10years
And watch the video request here on TW or Instagram

Oh btw, we are giving away a pair of Fairbuds XL among all people who submit their videos :wink:


I think this photo doesn’t make sense for the 10th anniversary video, but it’s about my first “real life Fairphone story”.

I had preordered the FP1 during the initial crowdfunding and got my tracking code that my phone was on its way to me on Jan 9th 2014. Over the next few days I could see updates that the shipment got closer to me, although the route it took seemed somewhat odd to take from the Netherlands to Hamburg.

The day before the forecasted arrival it arrived in a logistics center in Hamburg… and then it didn’t move further. On Jan 14th I contacted GLS who said they’d most likely damaged or lost the package and couldn’t find it anymore. They adviced me to contact Fairphone to send a replacement. So I mailed Fairphone support on Jan 15th about the matter. It took some more emails and phone calls to Fairphone and GLS until they could settle things and my replacement was sent on Jan 31st.

The (second) FP1 finally arrived on Feb 5th. (remember, the first one was in Hamburg already Jan 13th) and this could have been the end of the story :wink:

But on Feb 10th I got another package, the one seen in the photo below. My damaged package had been found and delivered by GLS after almost one month. But this still isn’t the end of the story. I contacted Fairphone support again as it felt wrong to keep two devices for the price of one. It took support 2 weeks to send me a return label via email. So I sent it back.

End of story? Surely not :stuck_out_tongue:
On March 18th support contacted me that my returned package didn’t contain a signed repair form. They obviously weren’t prepared for a situation like this. I did post some signed form via snail mail on April 1st but also sent an email explaining that I could’t fill out the return address for example as I didn’t want the phone to be returned to me. The final email from support who by now understood that I was just sending back a “superfluous phone” dates from April 2nd and that now is finally the end of the story how I got my FP1.


Ain’t always easy to be fair! :+1:


i could share a video of the bugs rendering my FP4 nearly unusable that you refuse to fix. Would that be a valid submission?

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My old FP2. Still alive (more or less) :blush:

And I made the picture with my FP3 (with better camera).

Now I’ve shown two of the big problems in Fairphones history.
1.) The easily broken transparent backcover.
2.) The not-so-great camera of the FP3+ (or the camera question altogether).

But I still think I will buy the FP5, too. :+1:


People told me to not get a Fairphone… because the camera would be crap…

Well I am using the fp4 now for 8months…and I made this video of something that is not easy in the camera…

And the video by coincidence is 4.44 long


a) I didn’t know the phone was so waterproof
b) You must be very tough and got very wet going through the car wash with a phone.
c) Amazing


@anon9989719 & @DJA

From what I can see the FP4 was (safely) inside of a car, right @DJA ?

Without a car around you & your phone: Don´t try this at home :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, amazing cause it shows the acceptable video quality of the FP4



Correct me and my fp4 were safe inside my car :laughing:

This video showed me I had some minor window damage I did not see before…so the camera out performed my eyes :smirk:

O and by the way…

Also done with fp4…and the subject was not … stationary

(The glitch in the middle is intentionally done…the video just starts over at that point :smirk:…movie magic)


I thoroughly enjoyed your video, thank you! (and that’s from a person who never wanted and never owned a car)

Especially enjoyed the bit after 4:05 – almost feels like a group of dancers! :dancing_women: :dancing_men: :smiley:


I would still love to use my 2 FP2 but unfortunatly the batteries (4 of them) are a little bit blown up and

Vireo still has them and maybe other resellers.


The video has now been released:

Any of you who recognize themselves in it feel free to say so here! :slight_smile:
(So far I only noticed a photo credit to @Antoine and voice credit to @Mixigodo in it – near the end of the clip)

P.S.: Also note there’s one special device mentioned near the end of the “end credits”. :wink:


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