We need to fix Black Friday. And the industry

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Here we are again, in the middle of annual Black Friday madness. It’s hard to pass up a good deal this time of the year, isn’t it? However, for me, it really is time to take a good, hard look at this industry we’re a part of. An industry that’s trying to sell us all on “saving by spending like crazy” every November. An industry that’s been dragging its feet, not tackling the environmental and social challenges that threaten our future. An industry that needs meaningful action to change.

Shifting the perspective

Many companies advertise their small steps toward sustainability as world-changing progress in their big-budget marketing campaigns. But I’ve seen little action when it comes to improving the lives of factory workers and miners, or slowing our wholesale consumption of natural resources. Many solutions already exist, but what’s really lacking is the will to make them happen. We need a genuine readjustment of priorities.

We can’t keep wasting time on empty promises and must hold the system accountable. It’s not about surface-level commitments. We need to rewire businesses from the core.

Even at Fairphone, we’re still a long way from the goal of a phone that’s fair and ethical through and through. Crafting fairer phones wasn’t just about setting an example; it was about proving that a market for fairer electronics could exist, creating positive impacts, and forging new relationships between people and their tech. What goes into our phones can’t keep being only about specs and features – it should be about the impact on our planet and the people. We care about what we put into our phones, about long-lasting products, and we’re betting that you do, too.

We can’t recycle our way out of this

Looking back at this month of bargains, deals and upgrades, it’s easy to forget the environmental and social challenges our industry is dodging. We can’t afford that, though. That’s why we’re working in areas where we can make the most significant impact. That’s why we partner with initiatives that invest in transparent supply chains for essential minerals and push longevity for our products. Ignoring the systemic issues or claiming that we can somehow recycle our way out of this raw materials’ crisis will only worsen the problems. With the public demand for supply chain transparency becoming louder and louder, this is the time for our industry to face the challenges head-on, pushing for sustainable, ethical, and transparent operations.

For the past ten years, we’ve been gathering momentum to change things from the inside. We are no longer just shouting into the tech void.

We’re slowly but steadily cutting through the noise, thanks to more people like yourself willing to listen to what we have to say. Together, we’re peeling back the curtain on the invisible harm of electronic devices. It’s a story of doing our best, being honest about our failures, and proving that a more ethical phone wasn’t just a pipe dream.

Keep Pushing

We’re stubbornly pushing for change, urging our industry colleagues to create more ethical products, amplifying the message with our community, and proving that there’s demand for products that embrace social and environmental responsibilities.

In the palm of your hand, Fairphone stands as a rebel, proving that a journey toward circularity, sustainability, and a fairer world isn’t just a utopian dream – it’s even profitable. Brands embracing these values aren’t just grabbing attention; they’re capturing the hearts of all who refuse to accept that exploitation is just the natural cost of doing business in today’s world.

Today, Fairphone might be the exception, but let’s not settle for exceptions. We’re working towards the tipping point where being ethical becomes the norm. It’s not just wishful thinking; it’s a matter of common sense. Join us on our journey towards making fair the new normal.

Are you in?


Despite being bombarded with e-mails, I’m not doing anything this black Friday, I have too much stuff, it’s not easy propaganda does work.


I totally agree with you. Buy only what you really need and don’t forget to look at secondhand.

I drink 3 cups coffee a day. I thought of a cups machine. But the idea of just throwing away the cups put me off. So I waited.
Now I have found a recycle programm for coffee cups and I have bought a cups machine.

So it all comes down to do I really need it and what do I do with the waste it produces.


I drink a lot of coffee too. Good for you to go for the recycling solution. But even if the cups can be recycled, I still don’t see the point of going for a cups machine instead of something like this Dedica Arte Espresso Machine | De'Longhi
With “normal” machines can buy good quality coffee for less price, you have much more choices and no packaging per drink to recycle or dispose.
It even supports coffee pads, could be an interesting option for people who are not into the coffee ritual :slight_smile:


I have also “observed” (online) a Blu-ray box set for some months that has actually seen quite a nice Black Friday price cut now. But in recent years, I have come to ask myself more and more often with such offers: Do I really want and need it? Or do I actually just worry about missing out on a deal?
I will most likely let the offer expire.

Instead I’m now considering to buy a soundtrack download. No visible Black Friday discount on it. :slight_smile:


I used to get most of Xmas presents during the Black Fridays deals. But not sure if I have energy and time to do it this year. And I purchased a mobile AC unit last November from the outlet, half price. Though even with electricity purchased from renewables it’s not the most green choice;-)

It needs a seperate coffeegrinder. You are definitely going to spill coffee. One has to buy a whole pack of coffee, which in my case takes to long to finisch. Over time the quality goes off.
And important for me I lack the strenght in my hands to put the piston on the machine.
I don’t like coffee pads, it more tastes like instant coffee.

But in the end it all comes down to query what do I need, what is on the market and which choice is the best for me according to the guidelines I want to follow. No impulsive purchases, but well-considered.


I got a delongi coffee maker for free, because it was not working anymore (8 years old). I got a spare part for 60€ and since three years it makes coffee every day for me. I had no idea how to repair the mashine in the beginning but there are videos and instructions in the internet to learn that. :slight_smile:


Well, around here Fridays last about 10 days, to judge by the ads I’ve seen some days ago! :laughing:
“18-28 November: Black Friday Sale!”…

So be careful, something you buy in May might still be an extended Black Friday purchase…
Well, at least TGIF.

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Nice! Mine is 8 years old too, thankfully still brewing good. I think some of its parts like the water pump is quite “standard”, so it should be possible to find. Which part did you have to replace?

Occasional coffee spilling is definitely part of the ritual for me, good coffee smells lovely so no problem. To each their own :wink:
Regarding black Friday, yes this is the spirit :+1: Black Friday | Fairphone

The electrical engine which is driving the coffee press burned through. I thing it should not happen if the sealing rings are cleaned an greased every few years.

Recently I bought a refurbished office printer. I was astonished how you can save money and get basically the same product as a new one.

At the same time I realized that for longevity you need quality. If I buy today a 150€-Printer, I probably won’t be able to resell it after some years. But If I spend 250 I get a product, I can sell in a bunch of years still for good money. At the end I paid less for the better product.

For Smartphones this means: New Smartphone should be good enough to keep value for many years. If I am OK with a not-so-fast Smartphone I should not buy an entry-level-Smartphone, but an aged once-good Smartphone. With Fairphone this is possible.

Fairphone does the right thing.

In the industrialWorld’s competitive mass-consumerism, the best way for FP to drive change is to steal custom (millions) from the footDraggers…
Achieving this means attracting a wider spectrum of customers with options.
Not only do I hope to still be using our FP2s in ten years, but when we’ve exhausted our spares and all the bottom modules the world has left and we have to replace, hopefully FP will also have on offer;-
Less sophisticated devices (phones) that are FP2 footprint or smaller;
Have one camera lens on each side;
Have more intelligent battery/power systems that last the day;
Built-in/startup googleOut operating system options;


Less sophisticated devices (phones) that are FP2 footprint or smaller;
Have one camera lens on each side;
Have more intelligent battery/power systems that last the day;

Look no further: FP3+ is probably your device: Smaller footprint (second-hand has waaaay smaller footprint than new), longer battery life. 1 rear camera.

Only the swap from Android to Lineage OS (google-opt-out) has to be done manually. But you can.

Ha, nice suggestion. I just bought a 4 year-old FP3 yesterday to replace my sons 8 year-old FP2.
Keeping the footprint low. :wink:


Post scriptum: Less than two months later, the Blu-ray box set I mentioned is now priced 17 % below the “sensational” Black Friday price … :grin:


Well, “the ‘sensational’ Black Friday price” is a marketing construct* anyway, most of the time it’s not in any way special… Calling it special (and whatever other breathless enthusiastic terms) is all there is. :roll_eyes:

*) staying polite…

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