WatsApp & Skygofree

I propose to open a topic to talk about #software WatsApp, precisely #kygofree (link).
and the way to get protected on Fairphone & Fairphone OS.

Yeah, let’s. But who even uses that :wink: ?

[Link removed by @moderators.]
(Edit: Link went to WatsApp Gold Messenger, which is not the very popular WhatsApp … couldn’t resist.)

It’s proof-reading day, no helping it :innocent: .

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It’s yet another symptom of the arms race in the global cyberwar of governments against society.

Remember how the nuclear arms race turned out? A lot of money went out of the window for the finding that a nuclear war would destroy the Earth. As long as governments (it’s not only Saudi Arabia, but also “our” Western governments) finance* the development of such spyware, the desease will grow. Governments should protect the society from malware rather then trying to infect us.

* Imagine a world where all this money is spent to end global poverty.


The amount of crap in the Play Store, even high in lists and even “suggestions” is staggering. Only install apps based on mouth to mouth advertising.


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