Water proof Phone Case upgrade

I want a strong phone case looking at YouTube they are all specific so is there a category pf will fit in as the phone not water proof I want find a way to get it there. That not a I’ll fitting carry bag case

It would be nice to know what you are looking at on YouTube, and to have an idea of how waterproof you want to make the phone.

Waterproofing has ratings with parameters such as time immersed and pressure.


Is this posting meant to be as an answer to this discussion: Water proof Phone Case ?

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Are those even two different cases @Rik_Boland is looking for?
One, that is inflatable and one that is tight-fitting?

Could you please post some example pictures of what you are looking for in your threads!
If it’s the same, we could merge the threads.
Just to keep the forum tidy and avoid dual discussions, that hinder having all the info for everyone in one place (and easy to find). :wink:

So what if fair phones?

I got no idea. It b great if we could find a solution, wouldnt it!

There is no solutions to put them in as op suggested apart from the water proof bags that our friend below suggested

To be honest:
At least to me, it doesn’t get any clearer what you want.

And just as a tip - to keep the forum tidy, you can anser a multitude of people in one posting by
a) adressing them with @example-name or
b) highliting the text you want to reply to and use the “Quote” option (which is making the posting longer of course).

Try to exemplify, what you are meaning. I still don’t get it.
It’s no problem at all to link at ali-baba or amazon for making references or showing pictures etc.


Thank you for your reply

I looks to me as if the other topic is being considered complete with the second post over there about a generic solution, and this topic here now is intended to be about a more phone-specific solution. But I could just as well be wrong.

I sense no trolling intent or deliberation in the vagueness and lack of clarification, but it sure looks ominous … perhaps make it the start of a tradition, the “Sunday forum mystery” :slight_smile: .

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My bad for asking question. Obviously the is !o answer. My phone will never be rik friendly😄

Shalom all, out!!!

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