Water in fairphone 4

The phone is fallen in the water and stayed there maybe 30 min. I will let it dry for a couple of days but there was even water in the battery… How many parts can be replaced or is it better to buy a whole new one?

Well, you can always try… :wink:
Also, take a good look at the waterwiki


If the phone was turned off and discharged when you dropped it in warter your chances may be a little better of fewer things being broken, but generally speaking water damage of that magnitude is bad. I’d say remote-diagnosis of your individual parts via forum posts without turning the whole thing on is close to impossible. You could try contacting your local FP Angel and see if they’re willing to test your parts one-by-one (no guarantees). See https://angels.fairphone.community/ to locate someone in your area.


Ik ben zaterdag op bezoek geweest bij angel Tilburg. Mijn telefoon had ongeveer 10 dagen in losse onderdelen liggen drogen. Aanslag en witte (kalk)vlekken waren zichtbaar. Heel geduldig hebben we samen gezellig de onderdelen zitten schoonmaken en de telefoon stukje bij beetje in elkaar gezet. Tot onze verbazing deed bijna alles het. Alleen het display deed het niet goed. Ik heb ondertussen een nieuwe besteld. Ik vind de hulp van Angels geweldig. Moeten we zuinig op zijn Hulde aan de Angels!!

I visited angel Tilburg on Saturday. My phone had been drying in individual parts for about 10 days. Tarnish and white (lime) stains were visible. Together, we patiently cleaned the parts and put the phone together bit by bit. To our surprise, almost everything worked. Only the display did not work properly. I have since ordered a new one. I think Angels’ help is great. We should cherish it. Kudos to Angels!!!


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