Water damaged FP3 now appears to be possessed

My new FP3 got wet at the weekend. It has now dried out and switched on and works ok apart from the screen seems sluggish to respond and every now and then it appears to become possessed by some external force that opens up all the apps repeatedly. I have to turn it off to make it stop.
Any ideas what component may cause this behaviour?

Also - looking on the map - are there really no angels or groups in the UK at all? I live in Brighton and was sure there would be some Fairphoners down here?
Thanks in advance

Did you disassemble it for drying? One can only hope it’s “only” the display module.

Currently there is only one Fairphone Angel in the UK, yes – North England.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I’m in Cornwall and could call. Talking can provide info more efficiently that this forum.

If you like to chat I can provide you with my number then you can update this topic with anything you find useful and that may have helped. There are already a number of topics and posts dealing with the similar issue after water damage and I don’t want to go over them again or find a dozen or so links for you to follow up.

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