Water damaged fairphone 5, need help identifying damaged components

Hi everyone.
I recently dropped my fairphone 5 in water and to make things worse, I didn’t take out the battery until a few days later.
I’ve now cleaned the parts with alcohol (isopropanol). But the phone will not start and the charging led is not lit when the charger is plugged in.

Could you please help me identify which parts are damaged


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To my knowledge there is no charging LED on the FP5 that could light up.

Did you already find and read the water damage article?


It’s not possible to do a remote diagnosis here. Most likely the only way to find out would be to test the individual parts back and forth in/with another FP5. While theoretically, it could be just the battery, it is much more likely there is damage to the mainboard – which can only be replaced by Fairphone’s Repair Service in France, see:

Water damage is not covered by Fairphone’s warranty.


Thank you.
It’s been drying for at least 2 weeks.
I can see 2 red dots. Both on the main board

I’ll look into sending it to france

Those are probably the water indicators, But if it was submerged and water entered, then this is no surprise.