Water damage/debris

I took my phone to the beach recently, I am now getting the message that USB C port is disabled due to water/debris. I am unsure whether it got wet or very fine sand in it.

I have taken the USB C port out and cleared it, I could see any water but lots of fluff.

It gives me the message Port disabled, then says it’s okay to use but if I plug a charger in it goes back to being disabled, take the charger out and it says it’s okay to use again but doesn’t charge!

Should I look to replace the USB C port? Any ideas to try before that?

Turning off the phone and plugging in starts it charging but then it reboots and starts charging again, it is very slowly charging but rebooting hundreds of times which can’t be great.

Don’t forget to clean the cable connectors as well, not just the phone’s port. Use a soft brush and vacuum cleaner small tool or compressed air on both.

If that doesn’t help then it might be worth getting a new USB port module.


I dismantled the phone as much as possible, cleaned and left to dry out. All working today :grin: great to know I could have replaced problem parts of needed and if it was water it dried easier because of being able to dismantle.