Warranty on third seller (contract) phones?

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I got my FP2 this March in combination with a mobile phone contract at the Dutch provider mobiel.nl. Now my microphone is apparently broken and I would like to know if the warranty includes phones sold by third parties, and if so, if the warranty claim procedure is the same? I am a bit lost in what to do here.

Yes on both questions. Don’t hesitate to contact Fairphone Support. :slight_smile: If it’s urgent, call them (phone number and office hourse on the same page I linked to).

Oh, and here’s everything you can do on your own to figure out if your microphone can be brought to work without a replacement:



Thank you for this quick answer! In my phone documents I couldn’t really find what to do in case of warranty, so I wanted to make sure.
And I already planned on first checking all contacts, I already experienced how they sometimes get loose or dirty and can cause problems that have nothing to with the actual functionality of the module :slight_smile:

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Just for explanation: A warranty is always somethig offered by the manufacturer (i.e. Fairphone) and not by the vendor

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