Warranty despite screen protector?

Hi everyone!
Does anyone know whether a screen protector could have a negative impact on the warranty of a FP3? I couldn’t find any information about this topic.

I shouldn’t think so, but you could ask the official support.


From FP or from a third-party?
The Fairphone 3 warranty states:

The Fairphone Warranty does not cover damage resulting from:

  • Use with non-Fairphone products, which includes the use of a third-party module or battery in a Fairphone smartphone device, except non-Fairphone chargers which meet the provided technical requirements.

So I guess a FP screen protector won’t void the warranty, for third-party ones I think they shouldn’t either, but I’m not sure (as they are “non-Fairphone products”).

To be sure, as @amoun said, contact support.


It’s from a third-party. Thanks for the reference! I’ll better contact the support team then to make sure.


I couldn’t imagine damage caused by a screen protector, regarding the phone functions.
Therefor I agree, that I can’t do any harm to contact support. But I never would have thought of it myself and I wouldn’t expect any problems with FP this way.
Of course damage caused by the removing of the screen protector (i.e. breaking the display or adhesives) will not be covered.

Every third party charger is posing a much higher risk.

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Hi Alexa,

Thanks for your comment! I’m actually not worried that it could harm it, but about Fairphone not taking it back in case of any major warranty issues if I used a screen protector (never heard of someone taking a glass screen protector off again). :slight_smile: But I guess they will only replace the bit that’s not broken and if it’s the screen, it will be replaced anyways.

I have written the Fairphone support, but haven’t received an answer yet.


You should get an auto response to your initial email, but it may take a week of two for them to get to your query.

But to confirm ideas already posted, attaching a screen is so unlikely to cause any problems other that effecting the touch screen usability that as long as that is not the reason for any warranty compliant then you should be absolutely fine.

All the best

Well, if I do recall it correct:
In the manual for the screen protector I applied to my tablet, there was also an explanation for the residue-free removal. Though the protector can not be reused. That’s the reason, there are 2 or 3 protectors in one package sometimes.

As the protector is meant to keep the display scratchfree, it obviously has to be removable - without damaging the display - when it is scratched, to make place for a new protector.
Otherwise the whole concept would be a bit strange. Well, at least in my opinion.

What I meant to say:
Don’t hesitate to remove the protector, if it makes you feel more secure. There should be no residue whatsoever. (Though I can’t guarantee for it.)


Hi Bert,

Thanks for your help! I have not yet put a screen protector on, but it’s good to know that it should be possible to remove it. :slight_smile:

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Just checked.
There’s an abundance of “How To’s” on the web.
Here’s just the list of results of my favored search engine ecosia

And here a thread from iFixIT (works with every other phone as well of course :wink: )

If you ever use a protector and want to remove it, please regard the tip with the business card in the second answer. It seemed to help others.

Great, thank you Bert!!! :slight_smile:

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