Warning tone using Outlook agenda

I just left my windows phone and changed over to FP2.
I installed the outlook app and so can continue to consult and change my Outlook agenda.
But I lost the possibility to get the audio warning for the upcoming agenda items!
How can I gt such a audio warning?

Regards Jan

If the app doesn’t show any notifications, check its permissions: hold your finger on the app in the ‘all apps’ menu, then move it to the info button on the top. There you can click ‘Notifications’ and check if the app is allowed to show any.

If that is not the problem, then there is an issue with the app itself - I do not know if there are any users of the Outlook app active on this forum. Maybe there are forums about Outlook where you can ask about their Android app, since it’s supposed to work the same on any Android phone.

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