Warning on start up: 'Network may be monitored by an unknown third party'

When I start my phone I get a message that says ‘Network may be monitored by an unknown third party’. This seems to be because I added a certificate so that I could access Eduroam through my employer. I’m wondering whether this is something that Android does or whether it’s a Fairphone thing, and whether it does it for all certificates or just those that are misconfigured in some way. Has this happened to anybody else?


I did a research and found this known mistake for Android Lollipop. Sorry - I should add a link here, but a short research should bring similiar result. I am also not amused about this glitch but I am missing the remedy yet.

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That message appears when you have some VPN configured. Maybe it’s not the case, but it’s worth mentioning…

I found a fairly old bug report which suggests that this happens whenever there is a user certificate. Thanks.

I don’t have a VPN but if I did I would presumably need a certificate which I suppose would also cause the issue. Thanks.

Do you have some firewall, anti-adware or security Software installed? Those often use a VPN to redirect network traffic.

No, I don’t. I think it’s clear that the issue is the user certificate for Eduroam.

Have you used the eduroamCAT app? Maybe something went wrong and there is no CA for the cert that is actually used.

Else: If your phone is rooted you could move the certs to the system certs … so the system has to accept them (User vs System). (Untested by me, I’ve never used this script …)

How have you installed the certs? Have you used an app for that or an automatic configuration (“eap-config”) file?

I got the cert from my uni’s IT site. I suppose I could root my phone
and move it, but other than the message it’s not doing any harm. I
didn’t know about the helper apps. Thanks.

I think you didn’t install the certificate in the correct way.
Maybe you installed the certificate as an additional cert into android. This is where the warning comes from.

But you’ll have to install it as a Wi-Fi certificate. See here for more details (in German)

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OK, I will look in to it. But I can connect to Eduroam so I’ve done something right.

Connecting to eduroam always works with or without certificate. There will be no error.
But only with the certificate, you can be sure that no one opened a fake “eduroam” and just wants your data.

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it occures when you use a VPN or when you have a user certificate installed, such as the root ca cert for eduroam. It occured to me too. Nonetheless, it is way more important to use such a certificate: https://www.dfn-cert.de/aktuell/Google-Android-Eduroam-Zugangsdaten.html (german)

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