🇧🇪 🇬🇧 [Warning for Belgium] Orange BELGIUM wrong invoices sent to their customers

Dear Fairphoners,

I use the opportunity of this forum to warn every Belgian customers of Orange who did the migration to their new tariffs.

It’s highly possible the invoice you received is wrong because it contains non-applicable fees and also they changed all loyalty periods (start again for 12 and 24 months from migration date).

This is, indeed, not allowed in Belgium and I will contact the BIPT tomorrow on this matter. That could really have a negative impact for our friends who decide for example to migrate on Proximus to have the Fairphone 3 for 9.00€ and have penalties be charged silently by Orange…

Please, I really insist, double check your invoice and do not hesitate to ask some help, their call-centers currently closed due to the lockdown and they don’t reply on social networks, so we can’t agree to let them conceive the quarantine as a profitable opportunity to optimize their revenues.

Thanks to have read me.

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