Wanting FP3 Bumper

Looking for Fairphone FP3 Bumper.

I’m located in Italy.

Hi @CO98 Welcome to the forum.

If you are successful in finding one you may want to Private Message or DM someone to pass email and address etc.

If they contact you by PM/DM you will be able to answer, but if you want to initiate a PM you will have to raise your ‘status’ which starts as a ‘Novice’ user to a ‘Basic’ user…

Conditions/requirements for that can be found at

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Pretty bummed to see that not only they don’t even offer the bumper to customers, not even solded as separately, even if one is paying more than the base model.

On top of that one is forced to intereact with the forum to be able to actually use a listing in the hope of finding one?

I mean, this is, in my opionon, quite lame: all of this was in the hope of finding an original bumper that probably would have functioned better and would have been “farier” than a generic one off amazon, but I guess my hands are tied if here I’d be forced to interact with the forum to even be allowed to actually use a listing.


It appears that the bumper was important due to some brittle or fragile qualities of the FP3 back and surrounds which was resolved before the issue of the FP3+ ~ hence no more bumpers.

Did you have a bumper and want a replacement? and have you considered a case as an alternative protection?

FP3 Bumper

The Fairphone 3 ships with a protective Bumper in the box. This was decided in order to give you extra protection from falls and scratches while we were busy developing a fairer product (the Protective Case). The bumper is not available in our store


I bought a FP3+, I wished to acquire a bumper since the case aren’t in rubber, and I need extra grip, and would make the phone too tick.

Yes I considered the case and concluded it isn’t the product I need.


Apart from covering the back I think the case is the similar thickness as the bumper, OK according to Fairphone’s site the case is 0.98mm thicker :slight_smile:

Maybe edge thickness would be similar, but in the body would be thicker.

Also, a case doesn’t solve the problem of slipperiness, I need a rubber bumper.

Too bad it isn’t offer by the manufacturer, too bad I could not even use this forum to buy it from another user.

Too bad I’ll have to resort to a generic third party bumper that won’t perform as well as a fair phone bumper and won’t be as sustainable

Still, thanks to bumping be to basic level.

I guess I can at least wait and hope another user has got a spare to sell

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Why not? The original case is made from kind of rubber too.
I didn’ t like the bumper at all, it gave me no feel of safety for the phone. The case does, it even protects the letters on the back too :wink:.

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Then please sell me your bumper if you are using a case and not using your bumper.

I will PM you

To anyone reading: I’m still looking for a bumper to buy

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