Wanted second hand FP2/3 or FP3+

I am looking to get a second hand Fp2/ Fp3 or Fp3+ I live in Canada Britisch Columbia. I am still new with all this still looking into the differences of all the phones, since I am new to smartphones a Fp2 might be enough too. It also depends on your offer weather I buy it or not!

Please message me, thank you kindly from Canada!


Welcome to the forum, don’t know whether you have had time to come across this resource yet?


While I own my FP2 for five years and it’s still working fine, I, tbh, woul advise against one for you.
In Canada (or rather overseas in general), your phone has to be reliable, as Fairphone doesn’t offer support outside of the sales area (EU+). And spare parts, esp. batteries, are harder to come by.
The FP2 was a kind of test for modularity. E.g. the display is just a snap-on module. Since the complete phone is rather flexible, it is moved and ‘flexed’ when being carried in trouser pockets or loose in any kind of bag or pocket.
That can be stressing for the connections between the modules.
I guess, that’s the reason for a few FP2 to break. Especially the bottom module with the USB connection (an additional source of wear and tear) seems to be a weak spot, that’s breaking more often.
As a result, this module is no longer available from Fairphone, but by some resellers and on the second hand market. So, if this breaks, you could face troubles, living overseas.

The FP3 is newer and way more sturdy. E.g. the display is fixed with 13(!) screws.
Therefore the spare parts supply is no problem for years to come.
Edit: And it’s less likely that you will need spare parts.


Thank you very much, for this info. If I would get one as you said it should be a FP3. If I order parts to canada they’ll cost extra shipping I guess right? I have a brother in Germany with a FP3 I think, he might be willing to send me part if needed. I hope my FP3 won’t break down every few month, I will have a backup phone just in case!

If I get one I might order 2 batteries, I saw that the FP doesn’t come with a charger. Can anybody tell me anything abou that?!

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About the charger: To get a quick charge i.e. 1.5 hours you will require a fully compatible usbc cable that can communicate with the charger which will also have the QC3 charging capability.

Otherwise a standard charger may take up to five hours to charge,.


They don’t include a charger, as almost everyone already has one at home.
You can use almost every charger for the FP3(+).
Just for quick charge, you will have to get one that is compatible, as @amoun wrote.
For the cable it would be best to get one, that is IF certified.

First of all it would be adviseable to test the ones you already have, before getting a new one.

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