[Wanted] Regular Back Cover for FP2

Hi all !
I’m looking for a regular backcover for Fairphone 2, in any condition, for Belgium.

I still have my first soft cover with the known rubber frame that came loose at the volume buttons. I glued it and kept it for just in case. But my actual slim cover does not show any sign of flaw up to now.
Maybe this is ok for you. I would give it away for free, thought about passing it on with the #fairphoneangels to your reach. but don’t know how long this could take actually and if there are any in your vicinity.

If you haven’t done so already, see if there are fairphoneangels floating around somewhere near you. Maybe they have an old one at hand to save the mailing.
Otherwise you may PM me if you are interested.


thanks ! I’ll contact the #fairphoneangels and go back to you if it yields nothing

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