Wallpaper resolution

If I want to make my own wallpapers, which resolutions should/could I use ?


@ZoidbergForPresident I don’t know for sure (not sure how to figure it out exactly but I would start at something like 960960,. The FP screen size is 960540

I think I tried such a thing, I edited a wallpaper to that size and put it in the image folder but when I tried to use it as a wallpaper on the phone, I don’t know, it cropped it strangely…

Hi all,

I tried different resolutions and finally came to 1004px width and 960px height.
With that resolution, you can use the whole image as background without cropping.



Thanks for the info, will try! :slight_smile:

I got a slight height crop with those dimensions.

I tried to find the native wallpapers in the file system, but could not.

Have you tried 1004px width, 960px height? I’ve changed my first post to make that clear. It was a little misleading.

I tried 1004px width, 960px height, but it cropped it weirdly for me too. Maybe you have to start with a photo that’s bigger than the screensize, and then crop it.

Yeah, that’s what I do now. I open a picture then crop it with one of
the installed wallpaper app.

The image should be bigger than the screen size as the background slides around when switching home screens.

If you set a new image, you can see (and decide) how it will be cropped.

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