Wakelocks from msm_ehci_host

After extensive testing I can confirm, like it was suggested before in this forum, that msm_ehci_host wakelocks are related to data radio, both Wi-Fi and GSM according to my tests. The wakelocks are present even in a minimal installation of the FP Open system once data radio is used, so they aren’t related to apps or settings and it’s futile to try to eliminate those wakelocks with doze management apps. Usage and environmental conditions on the other hand appear to reduce the frequency of wakelocks. They tend to happen less frequently when the phone is stationary because of less reconnections to radio antennas. They can also be aggravated by router settings, for example, using fixed Wi-Fi channels and restricting channels to one single band instead of auto appear to reduce wakelocks. I found them to be less frequent in 3G in some areas due to the signal being more stable, particularly inside buildings. Minimizing this category of wakelocks is therefore possible but not an evident task, depending on environmental and usage conditions.


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