Waiting for my fp2

Hello everyone!

I ordered a fairphone2 two months ago and I still don’t have it… How many time have you wait for yours ? I’m a little bit impatient now…

Thanks for yours replys!


What did it say when you pre-ordered when it would arrive?
Did you receive an email axplaining the delay?

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It was says “before the 30th of June”, but one month latter it was says “if you order now, you will have your fairphone before the 31th of may”.
And, no I don’t receive any email to explain, I just wrote to the fairphone team now…

Well if you didn’t get an email then “before 30th of june” should still be correct.

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Ok… So still waiting… Thank you for your reply Paul!

Hmm, today is still “before the 31th of may”…

Have I missed something? :confused:

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