Vote for your favorite color - Fairphone 3 Cases!

Oh, I wish I’d read this before ordering! :open_mouth: Maybe I’ll buy an extra, if I can afford it. I’d love a yellow or orange one :heart_eyes:

You are aware, that the cover is available in black and green only and that there is no timetable for the release of more/other colors?

Just arrived. Well, it’s green.


Reminds me of someone…


That came quickly! When did you order it?

I think about two weeks ago.

Just an idea and suggestion:

Everyone who gets herself/himself one of the new black or green protective cases and still has a back cover with an intact FAIRPHONE lettering – consider swapping it with someone who lost some back cover letters who will not get herself/himself a protective case. Under your protective case, missing letters will be invisible to everyone anyway, so why not offering a trade with someone who could need it?

P.S.: Of course this must be a swap – a two-way trade – because even when you have a protective case on your FP3, you still need a back cover inside to keep the battery in place.


Because it just prolongs the disgruntlement when the process of losing letters starts all over again from the start … just let them all fall off and be done with it :wink: .


I fully agree.
Adding shipping back and forth - to me - seems a total waste of time, money and - most important - resources.

In my humble opinion it’s just something optical, nothing functional and therefore not the least important. But, obviously, design is much more important to lots of people. And they have every right for their priorities.
Therefore Fairphone should really address the “back-cover woes”.

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Is this still the case, or could we get an official statement on when some of the other colors will be available?

I have two friends with Fairphone 3’s, and as cases would be an awesome way to keep track of which phone is whose, it would be a bit stupid if we all got green cases now. :smiley:

I wouldn’t know of any timetable.
And I am not sure, it exists.

Maybe @formerFP.Com.Manager does know more.

But there are cases by other manufacturers as well; though those are most likely sleeves or maybe flip cases.
You can find some in the following threads:


Vodafone free cover offer.
I have contacted you but no reply since 2 weeks.
How can I claim the free cover? The bumper is too loose and does not sit properly on the phone.

You are speaking to other Fairphone users here, you won’t reach Fairphone Support this way.

Anyway, what you are looking for is probably this:


So the next case colour will be? I mean black is black, green is preachy, how about grey, the colour of neutrality?

I hope it’ll be transparent.


Hi, when will be sold the blue cover?

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And no SIGNAL colour ahead… :smirk:
Red, yellow etc.


What surprises me is that the bumper can’t be ordered as accessory. I mean, when my bumper breaks or wears out, the only alternative is to order a protective case in a colour I don’t prefer. What I would like to see on the accessories shelf are bumpers in a range of cool and flashy colours! Easy, fancy, affordable! =)


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As of today, Fairphone offers a protective case in BLUE:


A little late to this one but…