Vote for your favorite color - Fairphone 3 Cases!

Well, if you followed the FP news you had the opportunity to get a 10€ discount.
29.99€ is still pricey, but no more than what Samsung and Huawei charge for their own protective cases…
You can also find generic protective cases that should fit for about 5€, or just decide that the bumper (which no other manufacturer provides with their phones AFAIK) is enough!


Is there an estimated release date for the green case yet?

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Ordered last week … will probably arrive tomorrow :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::+1:
Unfortunately, I missed this Euro 10 Offer, BUGGER!!!
Yes, pricey. But looking promising and accurate, so probably worth it, as I expect to use this phone for quite some years …

I’ll buy the “frosty” one as soon it is available😎


Does anybody know when Fairphone will start sending out the cases?
Ordered 2 weeks ago, nothing nil niente till now

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There was a first “unboxing” report yesterday:


Is the protective case softer than the bumper, which I don’t find pleasing to touch?

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Welcome to our community. I think it’s best if you ask your question in the topic I linked to above. :slight_smile: (I cannot answer it, I haven’t got any such case myself.)

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Usually and seemingly ironically it is the cheap budget type phones that come already with protective cases, some even include several, of different colors. The biggest part of the world is using phones bought cheaply, affordable, budget phones, and that means even below budget range of the developed countries. You cannot compete with this, so are we making progress? Or just playing the good guys.


@vowi Nothing arrived yet. I questioned Support about it, but no answer so far. :thinking:

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Welcome @Domin80 and @Nostalgia to the community :wave:
And thanks @urs_lesse for sharing the unboxing-photo.


GREEN … isn’t here yet, but ready for getting notified :slight_smile:

render_green  render_green_side
green_case_ig_5  green_case_ig_2
green_case_ig_1  green_case_ig_4

My verdict:


And there’s a new deal for FP3 buyers in the rest of June:
Free protective case for every FP3 purchased from participating resellers:


@jones Perhaps of interest to you :wink:

And the official announcement:

Honestly, I am a bit disappointed that they changed the color tone of the green :frowning:

What we voted for:

what we will get:

FF2 came in 5 colors, but to get any color on FF3 you have to buy a case which is (almost) the same as a back cover?

What about a flip case or a booklet case in different colors? They are the only ones that protect the screen. In my opinion, the most vulnerable part of a smartphone. For a phone that should last long…

I’d prefer red. I can’t find black in my bag!

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Well, I guess, they did some market research before they decided about the actual colors.
The voting in this thread was just a little part of it.

And in my opinion the one they produce looks much more friendly and positive, while the darker one, that was part of this voting is a bit trist.
But that’s just my opinon of course. :wink:


Warum lässt sich hier nicht Mobilcom-Debitel auswählen?
Man hat nur die Wahl zwischen Vireo, Galaxo und Vodafone?

Because they are not a “participating reseller”?

:de: Es scheint, dass mobilcom-debitel zumindest selbst davon ausgeht, dabei zu sein … @anon26506580 wende Dich an Fairphone, vielleicht ist das einfach ein Formularfehler. Oder mobilcom-debitel bietet das (schwarze) Case auf eigene Rechnung als Beigabe an.

:gb: Apparently mobilcom-debitel offers this deal as well … perhaps an error in Fairphone’s form.



Cool, thanks!

Strange, that fairphone themself is not offering the offer - just via reseller…

Probably that’s an incentive for resellers to make Fairphone more attractive to sell.
That way it could be working to enhance market visibility as well.